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team photo of Exhibit Studio + Westwind Design staff for a charity toy drive event in Calgary.

Exhibit Studio is made up of innovators, leaders, and creative risk-takers. We collaborate across all our departments as a dedicated team with a strong sense of community. We love to have fun and are always laughing through our busy days!

Our team consists of skilled fabricators and installers, creative graphic and industrial designers, helpful sales and administration experts, meticulous print and production technicians, along with organized project managers. We’re all team players with unique skillsets!



We believing in owning what we do, being real about it, and making sure we’ve all got each other’s backs. It guides us to take ownership of our actions and responsibilities, creating a culture of trust, reliability and dependability.


We are filled with exciting ideas and innovative thinking. By being curious about how great we can be, we challenge ourselves to give more and never to accept something as ‘good enough’.


We make things happen together! We strongly believe in the power of encouraging collaboration, recognizing that there is no “I” but a collective “we” that drives our achievement and shared success. Together, we create this awesome workplace where everyone’s voice matters. We recognize efforts, say “thank you,” and celebrate wins — big and small.


We have a reputation for getting things done. Our focus is on client success, where every project is important, no matter what. We consider the work we do for every client to be a privilege; we bring our best selves to all areas of our work to ensure that we create a great experience. We create outcomes that propel our clients forward.


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