Banner stands, magnetic pop-up displays, fabric hop-up displays, and portable podiums.

portable pop-up trade show display kit in Calgary for a Canadian environmental company. 2 deluxe banner stands, a curved 8ft pop-up backdrop and portable branded podium is shown.

Portable displays offer a versatile range of options that make a big impact without custom build prices or hefty shipping fees. Whether you just need a single banner stand or a 10×20 trade show exhibit, portable displays offer stand-out graphics that pack down into a small carrying bag, or hard-shelled case.

Not only can you customize your exhibit look, but there are plenty of add-on options to create the unique display you want. This includes shelving and monitors, lighting, magnetic decals, backlit logos, in-lays and any other solution you might need within a portable system. Perfect for anyone on the go who needs an easy setup without sacrificing quality.


Create a visual marketing impact in any location: trade shows, conferences, boardrooms, lobbies, retail stores, markets, or anywhere else.

Widths between 2 – 5 ft, heights between 4 – 7 ft
Average weight of 10 lbs
Retractable models use a collapsible shock-cord pole
Lighter & smaller models use manual set up of the base and pole
Options such as magnetic panels and interchangeable decals, built-in mesh literature pockets, and double-sided graphics panels.
set of 4 deluxe retractable banner stands for Greengate greenhouse in Calgary. Each banner contains a close of photo of vibrant flowers.
4 Deluxe banner stands that create a branded backdrop
4ft wide banner showing a sunset lake scene. A glowing campfire looks over the lake with the northern lights reflected in the water. To the right of the banner stand is a smaller X-stand banner stand showing a children's wilderness camp in the woods.
A 4-foot Deluxe banner stand (left) & X-Stand (right)
Collection of 3 banner stands placed side by side that hightlight a community organization. The base is aluminum with a swivel foot. The red, white, and black graphic panels are magnetic; the one on the right features a removable "we are hiring" magnetic decal.
magnetic “we’re hiring” decal On a magnetic banner stand
6 retractable banner stands that create a scene of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The view overlooks the town of Banff and showcases the Banff gondola.
Deluxe banner stands that can fill a 10×20 trade show booth
magnetic banner stand with magnetic decals of each team member for a charity golf event
Deluxe Magnetic banner stand with magnetic decals
4 deluxe banner stands for a Calgary arts council highlighting upcoming downtown urban spaces for the arts in Calgary.
Set of 4 deluxe retractable banner stands
Deluxe retractable 3ft banner stand next to a mini tabletop banner stand sitting on top of a portable shipping case. The graphics feature "We are hiring".
Deluxe 3ft-wide & mini tabletop banner stand
x-stand banner stand with removable vinyl panel.
X-stands feature a removable vinyl graphics panel
5ft deluxe banner stand for a kids cancer charity event. "Kids get cancer too" text runs along the left side vertically. The rest of the banner stand is a black background with a series of inspiring words and symbols. A balloon arrangement is on the right of the banner stand.
5ft-wide deluxe banner stand for a charity event backdrop

Pop-Up Displays

One of the simplest trade show exhibits to set up and dismantle. Graphic panels are secured to an accordion-style collapsible aluminum frame using self-aligning magnetic bars. The entire display packs down into a rolling case that can also be transformed into a branded podium during your trade show or event.

Widths between 8 – 20 ft, height that reaches just over 7 ft
Average weight of 80 lbs (larger models can reach up to 170lbs)
Average setup time of 20 minutes for one person
Different shapes available: curved, straight, “S”, and Gullwing
Can include features such as magnetic panels and interchangeable decals, monitors, lighting, backlit panels and logos, internal and external shelving, fabric in-lays and velcro graphics, etc.
curved 18ft Gullwing Pop-Up display. Two concave shapes meet at a pinnacle that shows off the brand logo. Each side displays two tv monitors, with overhead lighting. Two branded podiums which also turn into shipping cases are featured in front.
18′ Gullwing Pop-Up display
20' pop-up display that is curved in the shape of an "S". Two branded podiums/shipping cases are placed in front, with a logo in the outline of a Bison. The background imagery shows multiple tipis and ceremonial Sisika gathering.
20ft Serpentine Pop-Up display with branded podiums
a 30' straight wall backdrop featuring images in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Overhead lighting illuminates scenes of the glaciers, Lake Minnewanka, and Sulphur Mountain boardwalk. Large individual waist-high dimensional letters spell out the name of the company in front of the display.
30′ portable pop-up display backdrop with custom letters
Curved Serpentine pop up display adjacent to a 20' straight backdrop wall. The back pop-up wall has built-in shelves against a colourful geometric graphics.
pop-up displays with built-in shelving
portable pop up display system with two magnetic banner stands, a display case which has been transformed into a podium with branded graphics, and a curved 8ft pop-up wall that uses magnetic bars and graphic panels for assembly
8ft curved pop-up display with 2 magnetic banner stands
8ft curved pop-up trade show display with green and forest graphics for a Canadian environmental company. On the left is two deluxe retractable banner stands. On the right is another banner stand, with a portable branded podium/shipping case in front.
8ft curved pop-up display & deluxe banner stands
8ft curved pop-up display with a tropical beach backdrop. A monitor is mounted to the right side of the display. A portable branded podium/shipping case sits at the front. The branding is for a builder materials company.
8ft curved pop-up display with a built-in monitor

FABRIC Displays

Lightweight and versatile, we offer 3 different ranges of fabric displays: Hop-Ups, Wave Tubes, and Tradewinds displays. We also offer fabric flags and banner stands.

Hop-Ups: similar accordion-style frame to the pop up display. The fabric always stays connected to the frame with velcro, which gives it the fastest setup time of just 2 minutes.
Wave Tube systems: much like making up a duvet, the fabric is stretched over a collapsible aluminum frame and secured with a zipper enclosure at the bottom.
Tradewinds: offer multiple reconfigurable fabric panels that create a dimensional look.
Sizes range from 2 – 20ft wide, height reaches just under 7 ft
Options include backlighting, horizontal or vertical curved models, connector panels, canopy extensions, monitor and shelving extensions, half-walls, and more.
10 foot portable fabric display with a table drape. The scene is in outer space with an astronaut floating through the stars towards an energy drink.
10ft fabric Wave Tube display with a branded table drape.
curved fabric backdrop showing grain being combined in an open field.
8ft curved fabric Wave Tube display
fabric display made of multiple squares of fabric. 2 of the 7 squares display the company tame and their line of work, while the others have images showing various well sites, on-site workers, and teamwork.
tradewinds display with multiple fabric panels
portable fabric wave tube banner stands. 6 are shown with vibrant colour backgrounds. Each has an image of professionals working off of a laptop or mobile phone to represent cyber security.
6 Wave Tube banner stands that can fill a 10×20 booth
5ft portable fabric trade show display with backlighting. The graphics show Jasper and scenes from the Canadian Rockies, including Maligne Lake. The interior of a hotel showing a comfortable bedroom and dining room is also shown.
5 ft tabletop Hop-Up display with backlighting
10ft fabric wavetube trade show display backdrop with colourful images of Southern Alberta for Tourism Lethbridge
10ft straight Wavetube backdrop with vivid graphics
Custom fabric event display. Two black back walls with a branded maple leaf logo are in the background, with a bar stool seating area. A towering black branded arch is placed in front of a counter and podium rack. The display sits on top of portable hardwood-like flooring.
customized 30×30 fabric event display with rental furniture
20ft portable wavetube fabric trade show display backdrop for an environmental company in Canada.
20ft straight wave tube display & Fabric podium cover
8ft fabric hop-up display showing a map and renderings of a residential neighbourhood in Calgary. A podium and two 3-foot-wide retractable banner stands are also shown
8ft Hop-Up display with two 3-ft-wide deluxe banner stands
vibrant scenes of Canada on a variety of square and rectangular fabric panels on a portable tradewinds trade show display. 3 portable podiums sit in front of the corner display with pull-over fabric graphics covers.
2 tradewinds display kits with fabric pullover covers

key PORTABLE TRADE SHOW display features

lightweight while maximizing space

All portable displays are compact and designed to be moved easily. Carry bags or rolling cases make it easier to unload your display right from your vehicle. These displays take up less shipping space while making a big impact at your event. Hardware is lightweight yet sturdy, and graphics are vibrant and protected without heavy setups. Rolling cases can also be transformed into a branded podium for your display within seconds.

BEst quality GRAPHICS

Whether you’ve opted for a fabric display, Pop-Up or a banner stand, our graphics stand out and hold up. Our print production team has perfected the materials and colour-matching process used to make your portable display. Your brand colours show up perfectly and stay vibrant and protected for years. A guarantee we stand by!


Portable displays are an effective solution that gets you noticed on the trade show floor without the big price tags. Whether you need a 2ft-wide banner stand or a setup that will fill a 10×20 space, portable displays look amazing while reducing shipping costs. For anyone new to exhibiting, portable systems can be a great way to begin your trade show journey.

Versatile & customizable

Portable trade show displays offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and layout configurations that offer flexibility for an exhibitor. This can include lighting, monitors and media stands, shelving, backlighting, storage, and more. Portable setups come in linear shapes, or offer dimensional layouts with interesting curved panels. This versatility allows them to be perfect for trade shows but also any other event or display environment.

Simple to set up & dismantle

Hop-Up displays take as little as 2-minutes to setup. No exaggeration! Portable displays save you time and money by reducing the need for installation teams or hours of setup, tear down, and packing. With simple installation and dismantle, you save precious time to focus on other areas of your business and trade show event.

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