Flexible & adjustable exhibits with customized features.

10x20 custom modular trade show exhibit for a regional airport near Vancouver, BC, Canada. The back wall features a dimensional logo, and airport scenery with mountains in the background. An overhead ceiling canopy connects to a counter at the front of the display with modern wooden finishes. A custom rolling counter with an airplane cut out is also featured at the front of the exhibit on the right.

Modular displays are designed to offer flexibility for your evolving trade show needs. Utilizing a variety of specialized aluminum framing and hardware systems, they provide a custom feel that is more compact and lightweight than a typical custom build. This translates to lower costs associated with transportation, drayage, and storage.

Modular systems can adapt to various trade show booth sizes, shapes, and locations. Technical details such as ease of assembly or packing weight can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a modular display that is 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, or larger — or one that caters to all three sizes — modular exhibits offer flexible configurations that stand out.


A 10×10 modular display offers a custom-looking exhibit that can grow with your brand in the future. It can be paired with monitors, banner stands, shelving, lockable storage, demo counters, and more.

Straight back walls or unique curved shapes
Additional features can include overhead lighting, backlit graphics panels, half-walls, dividers, storage cupboards & dimensional signs
Can be complemented with additional furniture and accessories such as branded podiums and counters, kiosks, literature racks, seating, and any other features you need.
10x10 trade show exhibit for a contracting company in Alberta. This Octanorm exhibit features a custom branded counter, a 8ft wall backdrop with built-in storage from the left side, and built-in overhead pot lights. The graphics outline their services and contact info, with geometric black, blue, and green shapes in the background.
This Octanorm unit features a storage closet & pot lights
Two 10x10 modular trade show displays for an industrial supplier. The back Octanorm wall panels are backlit, with extended header signageup top. Two branded octanorm counters are also placed in front.
Two 10×10 backlit modular trade show displays
10x10 Octanorm trade show booth for an insurance company. The back wall is blue with a tv monitor in the middle, below it is a white cabinet with sliding doors that takes up the entire length of the back wall. Another wall runs perpendicular to create an "L'" shaped booth.
10×10 Octanorm booth with storage cabinets.
10x10 modular trade show display for a candy retailer in Alberta. The back wall has shelving that showcases a variety of treats. On the left is a tv monitor showing additional products. The front of the booth features an Octanorm branded counter. To the right is a free standing display that holds more products.
10×10 Octanorm retail display for a consumer show
10x10 space filled with a 2ft mini banner stand and Ocanorm backdrop wall. The graphics show a construction business with a variety of road vehicles. There is a built-in monitor to the top right of the display, and overhead exhibit lighting.
Octanorm display wall with a 2ft retractable banner stand
10x10 modular trade show exhibit with a backlit wall graphic in the background, a branded table drape in front, and a retractable banner stand to the left.
backlit display, table drape & retractable banner stand
backlit trade show display that can fill a 10x10 exhibit booth. The Octanorm framing is covered in a stretched fabric that is lit up from behind. the graphic is a ripple of water that has a split blue and white overlay. The company logo is in the top left, and a tv monitor is shown on the right.
Backlit modular display that can fill a 10×10 booth
10x10 trade show booth for a pipline company in Canada. The backdrop wall is grey with a dimensional logo on the top left, with a tv monitor featured underneath of it. To the right is a backlit panel showcasing their pipeline system and objectives. At the front of the booth is a custom branded counter with a 3D logo, and led lighting underneath of the counter overhang. To the right of the counter is a rental literature rack.
10×10 booth with a backlit panel, 3D logo & custom counter
10x10 trade show booth for a Canadian drilling company. The middle showcases the company logo and tv monitor. The two side panels held up by a modular aluminum framing system showcases a variety of heavy drilling equipment outdoors.
10×10 modular Octanorm backdrop with a monitor
Octanorm wall panels for a 10x10 trade show booth. The middle panel features an Albertan home builder logo and custom build photo in the centre. The aluminum posts secure the side panels on the right and left, which also feature examples of custom built Canadian hones.
Octanorm vinyl wall panels that fill a 10×10 booth
10x10 trade show booth with a video wall background for an energy management company in Calgary, Alberta. There are two white bucket chairs on the left, on the right there is a branded white octanorm counter. A coffee station is set up to draw in trade show visitors.
video wall with a coffee station for trade show visitors
8ft modular wall display with graphics of heavy machinery in Calgary, Alberta.
8ft modular Octanorm wall display


10×20 modular displays can adapt to a variety of exhibitor spaces, including linear, corner, and peninsula booths. They offer more space for trade show visitors to move out of the aisle and into your booth to connect.

Accommodates ceiling canopies and H-line models that extend overhead signage to the front perimeter of your booth
Room for open-concept or semi-private meeting spaces
Transform your existing 10×10 modular display into a 10×20 setup using the same hardware and extension pieces
A 10x20 trade show display with linear back wall panels and a branded counter. A 10x10 version of the booth with less wall panels is also shown on the bottom right. The 10x20 graphics show agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, oil and gas, and transportation imagery. The dimensional signage on the top of the booth is elevated. The graphic panel of commercial transportation has halo lighting around the outside of the image to make it stand out more.
Reconfigurable Octanorm exhibit with halo-lit graphics
Extended header exhibit at Agri-Trade in Lethbridge
10x20 modular trade show display at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta. This modular exhibit contains BeMatrix walls with branded graphics, a counter with storage, extended header sign, and monitor display.
10×20 exhibit at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta
Canadian energy company trade show display. A 10x20 booth is filled with red carpet, and a backlit bematrix wall. A comfortable seating area is positioned to the left, while a custom branded counter sits at the front of the booth. Next to the counter is a portable literature rack.
Seamless backlit trade show display with a custom counter
10x20 modular trade show display. A branded back wall with a storage room on the side features a monitor and header sign. A custom counter, product feature wall, and rental furniture is also shown.
Customized 10×20 booth with a hidden storage closet
top left image shows a 10x20 bematrix wall display. The bottom photo shows the extended 10x30 version, which features more wall panels. On the top right is a custom counter made from stone, plexi-glass, and a backlit logo. The company name is mounted to the top of the booth and extends above the wall height. This trade show exhibit is for a home builder and construction supplies company in Canada and the USA. The main middle image is of a custom built home, and the surrounding panels show various examples of exterior products.
Modular displays can offer multiple sizes & configurations
10x20 customized modular exhibit for a Saskatchewan trade show. The rental flooring is a grey and black checkered pattern. The backdrop wall is crafted from beMatrix. The left half of the wall is a white, wavy textured panel, with a custom fabricated dimensional logo. Beneath the logo is a tv monitor, which sits above a custom branded counter with an "X" pattern across the front. In the middle of the wall is a vertical panel of close-up photos of hydraulics and machine equipment. The right side of the wall has the continued branded "x". There is also a corner floor and ceiling aluminum beams in grey and red. The booth also features red hydraulic and machinery equipment on display, a rental literature rack, ipad stand, and seating area.
Customized booth for a Saskatchewan hydraulics company
10x20 Octanorm modular peninsula booth for a trade show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The back wall is a series of aluminum posts and hardware for a satellite network company. On the left of the booth is satellite equipment, and the middle features a portable octanorm podium with two chairs. On the right a monitor is mounted to the wall, with portable shelves set up below.
10×20 modular display for the Global Energy Show, Calgary
10x20 trade show for and oil and gas equipment supplier in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The octanorm structure is composed of graphics panels along the back wall, seperated by aluminum posts that each hold a tv monitor. To the left is an adjacent wall with a 3ft cap panel at the end. This section also has a red overhead exhibit canopy covering the extension up to the end panel. To the right of the trade show display is a curved half way section with frosted plexiglass. This creates a half-circle shape that offers a semi-private meeting area.
Octanorm exhibit with a canopy & semi-private meeting area
10x20 octanorm trade show display for a Canadian drilling company. A variety of construction equipment is pictured, with a tv monitor in the middle and overhead lighting.
Octanorm display configured to hold multiple graphics panels
10x20 video wall trade show display in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The back left side of the booth features a video wall with 9 monitors pieced together to form one large screen. Above this is the logo for a technical services company. To the right of the video wall is a portable fabric curved wavetube display with the company logo and contact info. On the right there is are also two round bar tables with white bar stools to form a seating area. At the very front of the booth is an octanorm branded counter. Rental carpet also covers the entire trade show booth.
Modular video wall & portable fabric wavetube display
10x20 modular trade show booth for an electronics company. The company's fencing product is set up along the left inner perimeter of the booth, in front of a backdrop of a Canadian refinery. Two monitors are built into the back wall. Two custom counters with red accents are displayed, along with a custom monitor panel to the left of the display.
Modular exhibit with customized counters & monitor display
10x20 curved modular trade show display wall at a Canadian energy trade show. The front portion is a convex curve with an inset monitor. The two wings on each side are convex and feature green graphics with steel structures. in front of each wing panel is a barstool seating area. At the very front of the exhibit is a branded portable Octanorm counter.
Curved 10×20 modular exhibit wall with an Octanorm counter

20×20 and larger

20×20 modular trade show designs open up even more opportunities to make your display stand out in the crowd. They command the space in any configuration, including island booth trade show spaces.

Features can include private meeting rooms, large video walls, or bar/lounge area that draws visitors into your booth and encourages them to stay.
Hanging halo signs can be rigged from the ceiling or 12 to 16-foot-tall towers, which gets your brand noticed from across the show floor
Incorporate storage closets that can securely lock up product inventory and other important assets neatly out of sight
a 20x20 island trade show booth. The open-concept exhibit is "L" shaped with wooden accents. Each panel is connected by a canopy with a monitor placed out front. A custom counter is also featured on the left. A seating area is placed under each canopy.
20×20 island trade show display with custom accents & lighting
20x20 trade show exhibit rental in Calgary Alberta. This open-concept H-frame structure uses fabric for graphics, with a storage room at the back. A counter with storage and tv monitor is situated along the back wall. Plants, seating, shelving, and carpet is also incorporated.
Open & modern fabric display with 16-foot-tall panels
30x30 modular island booth with a large meeting private meeting room. The room has frosted glass walls and red arches, as well as an extended header sign that stands 16' tall. A reception counter is in the front to welcome trade show guests, which stands in front of a freestanding monitor wall.
30×30 modular island trade show booth with a private meeting room
20ft tall modular Octanorm trade show tower for a consumer show in Chicago, USA. Two pillars stand to each side of the exhibit, surrounded by a hanging fabric halo sign. The signs show a variety of softdrinks, and the bottom of the pillars and blue bubbles that represent carbonated beverages. The top of the towers are lit up and connected through a front connector panel. The bottom front of the exhibit features a bar that dispenses the soda companies products, with an inset monitor above. The booth also features multiple bar stool seating areas for visitors.
Unique customized backlit Octanorm tower with a soda bar
Green and white 50x50 modular trade show booth for an electric company for the Calgary Energy Show. A large branded worksite trailer is feaured in the background. The exhibit space hosts a variety of seating areas and Octanorm computer stations. The front corner of the booth features a curved glass-top reception desk and banner stand which sits on an easel. 10-foot-tall graphics pillars are also featured throughout the booth, with text callouts that describe their services.
50×50 modular exhibit with a variety of Octanorm displays
Octagonal trade show booth at a Calgary event. This exhibit features a back wall with two side walls extending out on an angle as part of the hexagon shape. The blue back wall hosts two tv monitors on the side walls. The middle 20ft panel shows the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the back, with foothills in the foreground. This custom exhibit showcases the oil and gas process with well sites, and pipelines leading to Calgary.
30×50 Octanorm exhibit with custom LED-lit graphics panels
modular trade show canopy at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta. a 16-foot rectangular arch stands tall for a Canadian solar company. Suspended from the top is a hanging sign with the company same, and the logo illuminated with LED lighting. Below this feature is 2 graphics panels and solar panel products that take up  the width of the arch. A tv monitor is mounted to the middle graphics panel. In front of this display is a seating area with two white couches and a coffee table, along with a rental literature rack.
Modular archway that features solar and graphics panels
20x30 modular trade show exhibit. A hanging sign is suspended from the ceiling, with a partition and seating area on the left. An illuinated display panel is in the centre, and a 16' tall sign towers above the showroom. On the right is a large boxed room with a door leading to a storage area.
20×30 booth with suspended signage & 16-foot-tall wall panel

key modular display features

Strong, solid, secure

We use the highest quality industry framework systems that hold up consistently. Octanorm and beMatrix are flexible and robust aluminum systems that offer thousands of profiles and configurations. These frameworks allow us to build walls, ceilings, canopies, private meeting rooms, archways, stages, and even double-decker structures tailored specifically to your needs.

vibrant graphics solutions

We excel at designing and producing graphics meant to travel. Whether you need compact fabric or rollable vinyl graphics, or panels offering different finishes and lightweight materials — we have the solution. We can produce wall panels on PVC or aluminum panels that are sturdy yet lightweight, as well as plexiglass, wood laminates, and other metals. We’ve developed innovative connecting systems where panels can simply magnetize onto the frame or use other fasteners and hardware to meet your specific needs.

built just for you

Octanorm and beMatrix frameworks can support just about anything — trucks, people, field equipment — you name it. Whatever your requirement, we can build it. Displays are individually tailored to create a one-of-a-kind modular exhibit. You receive a customized display without the longer production time and higher costs associated with a fully custom display.


Modular exhibits allow for multiple configurations based on changing exhibit sizes, heights, and needs. We can easily design additions and extensions that seamlessly adjust your display to fit different booth sizes and spaces as needed. Standard sizes include 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20, but there’s no limit to the size of a modular display that we can build.


Having one display system that offers multiple configurations gives you flexibility that saves time and money. It can grow with your business as your exhibiting needs evolve and gives you options that don’t limit you to one type of booth space or size. Depending on the display you go with, we can design all of the components to fit into standard flat-packed portable shipping cases or into a custom-built, high-quality road case.

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