Trade show displays, exhibit furniture, accessories & event displays for rent in Calgary, Alberta.

10x20 winged modular trade show exhibit for rent in Calgary Alberta. The middle features a built-in monitor, a portable podium on the left, and rental counter-height seating on the right.

We offer a variety of rentals for trade shows, experiential marketing launches, and other events. We rent furniture, flooring, carpet, accessories, and anything else you need to bring your display together.

Trade shows and consumer show exhibit rentals
Furniture and accessories
Interactive games and display features

Reasons To Rent Your Next Trade show or event display

You’re wanting to experiment with different types of displays, layouts, or sizes before making the commitment to purchase
You’re only exhibiting once or twice
You’re looking to get the best value within a set budget: renting display hardware is approximately 1/3 the cost of buying it
Cross-country shipping and logistics: the cost of renting locally can be significantly less than shipping your existing display
You have a back to back or overlapping trade shows/events

trade show rentals

We have 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, 30×30, 30×50 and even larger trade show exhibits for rent with customizable graphics and features. Display solutions that can work with any booth size and configuration, whether you are exhibiting locally or across the country.

Modular exhibits that feature your graphics
Customizable to fit your branding and exhibiting needs
Extensive variety of setups to choose from
10x20 modular Octanorm trade show exhibit. The back fabric wall panels have lit-up graphics for a commercial facility warehouse. There are two branded counters on each side at the front of the exhibit. A green plexiglass ceiling panel extends on an upwards angle from the back wall to the front of the booth. It supports the company sign at the highest point, which then has a metal frame extend down to the floor. The front panel showcases additional graphics and creates a semi-private meeting area behind it.
10×20 backlit rental Octanorm booth
10x20 trade show display booth for a travel company. A convex red section in the middle showcases a tv monitor, while the wings on the size are horizontally curved inwards. A branded Octanorm podium sits to the left, while a bar seating area is to the right. The entire display sits on top of a grey rental carpet.
10×20 modular rental trade show booth
blank 10x10 trade show booth display with a back wall, shelves, monitor, and overhead lighting. An Octanorm podium is situated at the front of the display.
10×10 trade show rental display ready for your branding
8ft rental octanorm display that holds a 6ft-wide graphic panel. This serves as a booth backdrop.
rental octanorm hardware for a graphic panel backdrop
10x20 trade show booth with a curved overhead sign panel on a corner booth space. A branded podium sits on each open end at the front of the booth, and has a small meeting area in the back right corner. A rental literature rack is also showcased.
10×20 booth rental with furniture in Calgary
20x20 custom island trade show display for a wind turbine construction company in Canada. A suspended fabric sign sits above the display, made from rectangular white panels. The back wall of the exhibit is constructed from beMatrix panels, and features a seamless scene of a wind turbine looking over the foothills with blue sky. Two tv monitors are mounted to the wall. In front of the backdrop is a seating area with comfortable trade show rental furniture. At the front of the booth is a glass-top curved branded counter. At the front left and right of the booth on an angle are backlit bematrix panels with planters placed at the bottom of each.
bematrix rental wall backdrop & freestanding panels
10x20 octanorm trade show display for a Canadian drilling company. A variety of construction equipment is pictured, with a tv monitor in the middle and overhead lighting.
10×20 Octanorm wall panel display
10x20 modular trade show display at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta. This modular exhibit contains BeMatrix walls with branded graphics, a counter with storage, extended header sign, and monitor display.
10×20 exhibit at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta
20ft tall modular Octanorm trade show tower for a consumer show in Chicago, USA. Two pillars stand to each side of the exhibit, surrounded by a hanging fabric halo sign. The signs show a variety of softdrinks, and the bottom of the pillars and blue bubbles that represent carbonated beverages. The top of the towers are lit up and connected through a front connector panel. The bottom front of the exhibit features a bar that dispenses the soda companies products, with an inset monitor above. The booth also features multiple bar stool seating areas for visitors.
Unique customized backlit Octanorm tower with a soda bar
20x20 island rental trade show booth for an exhibitor event in Calgary. To the left is a storage room with a door, which supports a tv monitor on the fron-facing side. Overhead signage connects to the front panels that showcase the company graphics. Rental seating is shown on right next to plants, and a rolling counter with storage is set underneath of the tv monitor.
Modular 20×20 rental exhibit and furniture

Furniture & Accessories rentals

We offer a comprehensive range of furniture and accessory rentals to complete the look of your trade show booth. Whether you need media displays, seating for your staff and clients, or carpet, we have anything you need as an exhibitor down to the smallest detail.

Monitors, video walls, counters, podiums, literature racks, audio systems, banner stands, flooring, and more
Wide range of comfortable seating that looks great in any setup
Other furniture such as tables, bar stools, and counters available
rental furniture at the global energy show in Calgary, Alberta. 2 white armchairs are shown, along with a white couch. A glass top coffee table is in the middle.
Rental furniture for a comfortable, relaxed meeting space
30x30 trade show island booth for a car show. A truss system extends 16-feet high and holds up a banner stand for the Calgary Firebird Club. Black and white checkered rental flooring runs through the entire booth, along with stanchions surrounding the perimeter.
30×30 Rental flooring, stanchions & truss system
on the left is a 3 pocket mesh literature rack, in the middle is the same model but wider with 6 pockets, and on the right is a folding glass and aluminum rack that folds into the briefcase in the front.
Variety of portable rental literature racks
8ft-long white bar counter with raised counter and 4 locking cupboards at the bottom.
rental bar counter with locking storage
outdoor display rentals at the Calgary stampede. This GMC booth features red interlocking floring panels, a freestanding sign holder, and a barrel table with an umbrella placed in front of a new model truck. In the background is a truss system that holds up a vinyl banner wall backdrop of the scenery in Alberta from the Canadian rocky mountains.
Rental flooring, freestanding sign holder & barrel table
free-standing octanorm displays for a fundraiser event in Canada. There are 4 sides in total: each side is composed of a back wall panel with 2 adjacent panels angled outwards. You can walk around the entire display.
rental display panels with Lighting for a fundraiser event
10x20 trade show booth with a branded "L" shaped counter at the front. To the very left of the booth is a round white bar table, along with three white chairs. A rental tv monitor is mounted to the far right side of the booth.
rental counter, monitor, bar stools & table

interactive event rentals

Looking to wow a crowd and have them interact with your brand? We rent out midway-style games, entertainment, and other branded activation elements that draw visitors in.

Customizable graphics and other branding elements available
Games can include cornhole, giant connect 4, prize spinning wheel, high striker, claw machines, mechanical bull, and more
Selection of indoor and outdoor interactive rentals available
inflatable mechanical bull rental set up outdoors for a Calgary Stampede event. There is a branded GMC backdrop made from a vinyl banner and metal truss system. To the right of the setup is a red control station that controls the movement of the bull placed in the middle.
Mechanical bull rental during a Calgary Stampede event
Octanorm cornhole game with a hollow circle in the middle to try and land the beanbags into. A blue and black graphic pattern and company logo is shown across the entire board.
branded cornhole game for marketing events
outdoor games featuring a high striker on the left and a connect 4 game on the right. Each game has red and black branded features. Shown at a Calgary stampede event.
Branded high striker and connect 4 outdoor game
display at West Edmonton Mall for Hello Fresh. A 10x10 green grass carpet sits underneath a branded kiosk and spinning prize wheel.
Branded prize wheel at West Edmonton Mall
Branded claw machine games for a Calgary Stampede event. The edges have LED multi-colour lights, along with branded prize capsules. The entire machine is covered in branded red and black vinyl graphics printed in-house.
Rental claw machines with branded graphics & prizes

key Rental DISPLAY features


Whether you are just trying out trade show exhibiting for the first time, or have overlapping shows and need another display, rentals offer quality solutions while being cost-effective. We can also handle any additional show services to save you time and money instead of scrambling for last-minute vendors.

Versatile & customizable

We offer a large inventory of display systems that lets you choose exactly what you want. We have simple setups or large and elaborate systems that will meet any exhibitor’s need. We can customize the display with your graphics and other branding, which you can keep for future shows after the event.

expands your options

Besides trade show display units, we offer a wide selection of accessories that complete and elevate the look of your booth. This includes carpet, furniture, monitors and media systems, along with interactive branded games for any event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about rental displays & trade show exhibits.

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