Siemens Custom Rental Exhibit

When the CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition first visited Calgary in 2016, YellowHouse Events called us out of the blue. They were looking for a team to create and execute a 20′ x 30′ rental trade show experience for their client, Siemens, and needed someone that would provide unrivalled support. They had particular requests for the details, and within two weeks, we had renderings, quotes, and sign-off to start design and order materials. Talk about a quick turnaround!

Working with a multi-national company means strict branding guidelines, often extended timelines for approvals, especially in August, and periodic shifts in requirements – remaining agile is fundamental to success. Both Siemens and YellowHouse are amazing to work with – highly organized and attentive. The last-minute addition of a custom 10′ x 10′ photo booth from Denmark (arriving the day before the show opening) kept us on our toes.

The specifications for their reception counters were so particular that we chose to build those custom for them. However, in order to support their budget, we reused existing walls from inventory for the main structure and installed graphics to finish them. We achieved the translucent blue on the half walls of their meeting space with a Pantone matched decal print on Plexi-glass to attain the look of frosted glass but at a much lower cost.

It seems crazy to think that multi-phone chargers were in their infancy then, but Siemens was one of our very first clients to offer client phone charging stations in their space. At the time, we had to order the units from the USA because they were outside the norm! The availability of technology sure has changed in four years. But these little units were one of many of the small details that took this space above that of the competition.

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