Branded Environments

Offices, showrooms, donor recognition walls & monuments, plus museum & interpretive exhibits.

branded showroom design for a display builder company in Calgary, Alberta. This showroom is for a building supplies company and includes freestanding wall displays, dimensional signage, and other product displays with custom lighting.

A well-designed space should create an impression that lingers long after you’ve left the building. We specialize in creating branded environments that immerse both staff and customers in your unique brand. Whether it’s a feature wall, 3D signage with your logo, colourful window decals, custom donor recognition displays, or a museum exhibit, we can design and build anything you can imagine for your space.

Adding branding to your office or organization creates an elevated space that fosters connections. When you bring in clients or potential clients to your branded location, it leaves a positive first impression that also visualizes your values and goals. Branded spaces can showcase your company’s personality, and portray what’s important for visitors to relate to. Whether you want to present a high-end, polished and professional look, or a down-to-earth, accessible, and reliable look, we can create a space that has meaning and tells your unique story.

Offices & InteriorS

Large-format graphics, custom signage, and branded built-in components that embody your company culture for an elevated look. We design branded spaces for offices, showrooms, community centres and more in Calgary, throughout Canada, and beyond.

Dimensional lettering and wayfinding for a better user experience
Meeting rooms, reception areas, display and storage solutions
Vibrant graphics that express your branding and story
vinyl wall decal for a travel company office in Calgary, Alberta. The scenery shows a modern illustration of the Denali Mountain range in Alaska. The inset photo shows a fronted glass door and window panel designed to look like topographic map features.
vinyl wall decal mural & topographic frosted glass panels
Branded retail showroom environment for a building supplies and materials company in Ottawa. A custom island with a black countertop is shown with multiple cupboards and drawers. Behind it to the left is a freestanding custom wall exhibit that shows built-in windows, which are products for the company. Behind the counter on the right is a freestanding wood panel wall which also showcases more products on the other side. The inset photo on the right shows the entrance area of the showroom, which has felt acoustic hexagon panels, and a tv wall. It also features dimensional acrylic lettering and an acrylic photo collage panel.
Custom showroom counter & freestanding product walls
Branded indigenous office space out of Edmonton Alberta. 3D dimensional lettering is shown against a rustic wood panelled wall, with a colourful logo on the left. The inset photo on the left showcases a floor to ceiling vinyl wall mural that depicts a teepee and Elder vision statements for the community.
Warm, colourful vinyl wall graphics & dimensional signage
Branded office environment for a show home in Calgary, Alberta. The interior space includes a custom counter, vinyl wall graphic mural, and modular panels showing a range of photographs and information. The inset photo on the left shows a large 3D "B" that stands about 5 feet high behind glass panels. The glass panels have outdoor vinyl decals that spell out the name of the developer.
Branded indoor & outdoor show home space in Calgary
Branded interior space that showcases a Calgary neighbourhood in a real estate development office. The back wall includes wood panelling and dimensional neighbourhood layouts, along with full vinyl wall graphics. In the front is a comfortable seating area bench placed in front of another branded vinyl wall decal.
Branded interior for a Calgary real estate developer centre
Branded interior for a restaurant in downtown Calgary. Three large photographs are shown on a dimensional ACM panel. The left inset image shows a wooden sign suspended above a doorway with the restaurant name engraved.
Scenic branded wall panels & signage for a YYC restaurant
A branded office design for a company in downtown Calgary. A room of desks is shown behind glass wall panels and doors, which have hexagonal vinyl graphic decals running across the entire top length of the walls. The inset photo on the left shows dimensional acrylic lettering for the company's name in the reception area.
glass vinyl wall decals & dimensional signage for an office
branded office space with full glass vinyl decals in Calgary alberta. The decals create a full mural of an Albertan oil and gas worksite. Placed in front is a comfortable barstool seating area.
Vinyl glass wall decals that enhances office privacy


Creative, unique, and sincere displays that will inspire current and future donors to get involved with your organization. A thoughtful, prominent donor wall or display lets supporters feel deeply connected to your organization. It can serve as a beautiful and unique branded focal point that defines the character of your space.

Modular components to add or change information as it evolves
High quality materials, hardware, and graphics
Unique designs and components to impress supporters
Colourful acrylic panels that form a donor recognition wall designed and built in Calgary, Alberta. This is for a youth non-profit oranization; panels include black and white photographs that represent the program, as well as text panels that recognize donors. The exhibit includes 3D dimensional lettering and custom gallery lighting.
Modular acrylic donor recognition wall in Calgary, Alberta
30ft-tall geometric modular donor recognition wall built in Calgary Alberta for a community centre. Colourful triangular pieces in shade of blue, green, and yello come together to form a "V" shape at the top. The pieces include text recognizing donors, as well as photographs showcasing their community.
Modular community centre donor recognition in Caglgary
Large and colourful 3D letters built into a library wall that spells "Imagine". The front of the letters have colourful geometric vinyl, and the sides of the letters have the names of donors printed on the sides. This is a unique donor recognition monument for the central Edmonton Public Library in Alberta, Canada.
3D letter donor recognition monument in Edmonton
Field of 7 outdoor recipient monument for the Alberta Champions Society. A black horseshoe concrete bench boasts 7 stainless steel rectangular panels that extend 10 feet high. There is also a circular black concrete bench in the centre of the monument. The inset photo on the left shows a smaller rectangular panel cut on a top angle of 45 degrees to form a geometric shape. This exhibit piece is inscribed in stainless steel, and features a red and white graphic panel on the right side. This Monument in Fish Creek Provincial Park, Alberta, outlines the accomplishmnts of 7 notable Albertans throughout history.
Outdoor monument for the Alberta Champions Society
Albertan post-secondary donor recognition wall for the Olds College of Agriculture and technology. A geometric background is shown with blue paint and an Albertan prairie vinyl wall graphic that illustrates a field. The college name and logo is a dimensional acrylic display. Multiple frosted acrylic rectangular panels showcase the names of donors.
Geometric college donor recognition wall in Olds, Alberta
Modular Vulcan County donor recognition wall in Alberta. 9 rectangular panels showcase donor names in front of a prairie scene graphic. Dramatic blue clouds are shown above the names, white a wheat field is shown below as part of one large image.
Modular donor recognition wall for Vulcan County, Alberta
Outdoor donor recognition monument for the Calgary Humane Society in Calgary, Alberta. An angled rectangular panel is at the front of the monument outlining the organization. Within a rock bed, the rest of the monument is made from rectangular cedar posts layered with etched stainless steel panels that recognize donor names.
Donor recognition monument for the Calgary Humane Society
Custom-built donor recognition wall for an Albertan University. The geometric wall is composed of panels that showcase a timeline, photographs that represent the faculty of law, and dimensional lettering.
Custom university history timeline wall in Calgary, Alberta
Home Space Society donor recognition wall in Alberta. A large stainless steel panel is the backdrop for frosted acrylic rectangular panels that showcase donor names and logos. This is in front of a wooden wall panel on the upper third of the monument, which includes gallery lighting from above.
Custom donor recognition wall in Calgary, Alberta


From temporary gallery graphics to permanent exhibits and displays, we can immerse visitors in the unique stories you’re eager to share. Interesting and interactive exhibits resonate with visitors, creating a lasting impression that makes an impact and generates support.

Custom wall exhibits, freestanding displays, and 3D models
Cutting edge multimedia and electrical components integration
Exceptional craftsmanship backed by warranty
an interpretive museum in Okotoks Alberta. Exhibits shown feature timeline floor decals, a custom counter and bench with rock layers, vinyl wall graphics with trees and nature, and interactive wall placards with facts.
Okotoks Interpretive Centre custom displays & graphics
Museum space on how government works in Alberta, built in Edmonton. On the left is a wall pillar fitted with a graphics panel that includes images and text. The middle area includes a 3D model of the Alberta legislature in a freestanding display case. A variety of other wall graphics panels and interactive screen displays are features on the back wall, as well as to the right of the image.
Custom-built museum displays, wall panels & 3D model
Temporary exhibit built for the Telus Science Centre in Calgary Alberta. A 40-foot-tall vinyl wall mural has been temporarily applied. The scene illustrates a futuristic version of downtown calgary. On a stage to the right is Canada's first robotic roller coaster. To the right is a 2nd level walkway bridge that has temporary vinyl graphics for the attraction. Hanging above this from the ceiling is 6 double-sided vinyl graphics banners.
40ft vinyl wall mural, bridge graphics & hanging banners
Temporary vinyl wall graphic mural for the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary, Alberta. The black decal showcases a temporary art gallery, sponsors, and samples of the artist's work.
Temporary graphic wall mural installation in Calgary
modular museum information displays for the Legislature in Edmonton, Alberta. Each display has a black base and frame, with a colourful background. Each rectangular panel is double-sided and contains a variety of written text and photographs.
Modular museum information displays in Edmonton, Alberta
Canada Sports Hall of Fame temporary museum exhibit. A floor of wall panels, interactive screen displays, and cases are shown. The inset photo on the right showcases "Heros of Sport" with a touch screen below, temporary display background, and shelving cases showing artifacts.
Modular interactive displays, Canada Sports Hall of Fame
Interactive museum exhibit for the Bow Habitat Station in Calgary Alberta. Custom wall displays and signage are shown. There is a giant story book on the left showing a variety of tree species that can be manually flipped though. An archway above the door says "Discovery Den" and has the look of letters etched into wood. A faux tree canopy runs across the top of the exhibit, with an interactive touch screen display sitting on a faux tree stump to the right. The inset photo on the right is a flat cross section with wood-burnt text that reads "Alberta was the first province to make reforestation mandatory".
Interactive exhibit built for the Bow Habitat Station
outdoor interpretive centre information panel built for the Okotoks Interpretive Centre. The flat graphics panel is installed on an angle comfortable for reading, and supported by two metal rectangular panels secured into the ground. The metal panels have cutouts that related to the interpretive centre's branding. The panel has a variety of blue colours and infographics describing living soils and water filtration.
Custom outdoor nature information display
Home Space Society donor recognition wall in Alberta. A large stainless steel panel is the backdrop for frosted acrylic rectangular panels that showcase donor names and logos. This is in front of a wooden wall panel on the upper third of the monument, which includes gallery lighting from above.
Custom donor recognition wall in Calgary, Alberta



Wall graphics are an affordable and versatile way to change the look of your space. They can assist in creating a consistent branding theme that resonates with your staff, clients, and potential leads.


Your business or organization deserves a space as unique as your brand. Our detailed and collaborative approach to designing your space ensures that you get a functional and attractive environment. A well-designed space cohesively expresses your brand story and personality to deliver a strong impression.


We take pride in designing and fabricating displays in-house in Calgary, Alberta. We use the best materials, hardware, and techniques to ensure that your space holds up for years to come.


Our team ensures that every component is carefully installed. We can take care of shipping and transportation, and ensure that you are excited with the final look of your space with an installation team that cares.

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