Designed around your brand for a one-of-a-kind exhibit. Fabricated in-house from Calgary, Alberta.

Custom trade show display design created in Calgary, Alberta for the international builders show in Las Vegas, USA. The rendering is designed as a square house with two ends completely open for visitors to walk through. The exterior material is supplied by the company, along with the interior wall panels. A floor to ceiling sign panel is shown on the front of the structure. Custom railing is also shown, along with a suspended fabric halo sign.

Custom displays are built precisely to match your creative vision and functional trade show needs. If you are seeking a completely unique look where every detail embodies your brand, we can design anything you can dream of.

Custom displays come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a one-size show-stopper, a booth covered in your product from top to bottom, or a display that will accommodate a variety of booth spaces and configurations, we have a creative solution that sets you apart from the crowd.

Whether you need a display locally in Calgary, across Canada, the USA, or beyond, we offer comprehensive design, fabrication, shipping, and show services to create a custom exhibit and experience for your trade show visitors.


10×20, 20×20, 30×30, 30×50 and even larger. Custom trade show exhibits can be tailored to any space, whether you are setting up as a corner, linear, or peninsula booth. Bar and lounge areas, private meeting rooms, 3D models and demo spaces, stand-out accents, storage rooms, virtual reality stations, even double-decker levels — whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Custom materials, signage, electrical, built-ins & more
Unique shapes & structures configured to your brand
Limitless possibilities for unique, creative designs that wow a crowd
50x50 custom island trade show booth for the Global Petroleum show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Two "L"-shaped fabric signs with the company name are suspended above the display from the ceiling. A double-decker video wall is features with 16 monitors put together. And adjacent wall features a large map graphic of the company's locations around the word. The bottom left insert in the photograph shows the other side of the wall, which is a private enclosed meeting space with frosted glass windows and doors. There is a 3D logo mounted above, and the ceiling overhang features custom potlights. The rest of the booth space features comfortable white bucket chairs and tables, and custom counters that showcase equipment.
Custom 16ft-tall private meeting space and a video wall
modern H-line trade show exhibit for an airline. A back wall showcases a geometric logo and airport runway with mountains in the distance. A wooden canopy connects to a counter at the front of the display. The materials are white, and wooden veneer with sky decals on the canopy ceiling. Pot lights are built into the ceiling canopy above the counter area. Another rolling counter is featured with a cutout of an airport runway and plane.
20′ modular H-line exhibit with custom counters & accents
20x20 custom island trade show booth for a builder's show in Las Vegas, USA. This booth is for a custom interior and exterior materials company. This house-like structure is open on each end so that you can walk through freely. The exterior is a dark grey Scandinavian-style sleek cladding, with a white panel that features the company logo and a monitor. Above the structure is a large hanging fabric sign. It is a rectangular panel in the shape of a circle. The interior of the trade show booth features custom wall and ceiling materials, a custom-built island with storage, high-end lighting fixtures, and ACM graphics panels that showcase the materials and photographic examples. The entire display is an island that sits atop of faux green grass, and also features an accessible ramp.
Sleek, modern design with custom fixtures and accents
30x30 island trade show booth for the WRLA showcase in Calgary. A suspended fabric halo sign is rigged from the ceiling and lit up to illuminate the company logos. Freestanding walls are placed throughout the booth that showcase glass window and door products, as well as exterior stone finishes and siding. Each wall panel features the company logo at the top, along with custom track lighting. Bar stool seating areas are in the middle of the booth. The bottom right inset photo shows a custom-built counter with drawers against a freestanding wall that shows renderings of homes with various exterior finishes. Below this images are built-in product samples.
Custom-built freestanding product walls & displays
10x20 linear modular trade show booth for a Cannabis retailer. Wooden floors fill the booth space with textured herringbone wooden wall panels. Multi-coloured wooden counters in triangular slat patterns are displayed in the middle and to the left. The back wall includes mountain trainglura decor on the walls, as well as retail shelves. To the right is a monitor and paddle fixed to the wall. In front of it is a cozy seating area with two brown recliners, a circular coffee table, and shag area rug.
10×20 modular design with unique textures & cozy decor
20x20 custom island trade show display for a wind turbine construction company in Canada. A suspended fabric sign sits above the display, made from rectangular white panels. The back wall of the exhibit is constructed from beMatrix panels, and features a seamless scene of a wind turbine looking over the foothills with blue sky. Two tv monitors are mounted to the wall. In front of the backdrop is a seating area with comfortable trade show rental furniture. At the front of the booth is a glass-top curved branded counter. At the front left and right of the booth on an angle are backlit bematrix panels with planters placed at the bottom of each.
seamless backdrop, backlit panels & hanging fabric signage
10x20 linear booth at the Calgary Home and Garden Show. The tile company booth features herringbone multicoloured hardwood floor, and a back wall with rectangular multicolour tiles. The front corner of each booth features large "L" shaped tiled pillars. The bottom of the pillars has a flower box that wraps around the exterior perimeter of the pillars, which is lit up and illuminates the fake plants within it. The interior corners of the pillars showcase tile products. A comfortable seating area is in the centre of the booth with white couches and a table. The custom-built canopy constructed from wooden beams is rigged from the ceiling and hangs over the centre of the display.
Modern, open-concept 10×20 exhibit with detailed tiling
Bright and modern 10x20 corner booth for Sagiper building products. The right side of the booth is enclosed with a wooden ceiling canopy and wall illuminated by rectangular LED-lit panels. The company's 3D logo crafted from acrylic is mounted to the outer wall. On the inside of this area is an Octanorm counter. The inner walls feature graphics outlining their products, along with samples. On the left open side of the exhibit is a feature wall with grey and oak-coloured rectangular wall cladding. A tv is mounted to the wall in the middle, and the area features seating and a coffee table. The left side of the booth has a 2 ft wall panel cap that is also illuminated with an LED light panel. The entire area of the trade show booth also features sleek and seamless grey flooring.
Custom product-mounted walls, LED strip lighting & 3D logos
10x30 linear trade show booth for Canada Malting Co at the Brewers Association annual event. The booth features a rustic wooden material with lower cabinets for storage. The walls above feature backlit graphic panels that showcase Canadian fields and barley farming. There is also custom overhead lighting and shelving for displaying products and samples.
Rustic 10×30 exhibit with storage & backlit fabric panels
Custom 20x80 retail trade show booth for a Canadian interior design and home decor company. The space features multiple white cubby shelves to showcase products. Black signs with white dimensional lettering are suspended from the ceiling above the displays for 360 degree logo visibility. An inset image in the bottom left corner shows the custom counter. The 8ft-long counter is built on caster wheels, with a white perimeter. A rectangular wooden panel is inset from the right, and features white dimensional lettering and slogan. The countertops are black, and connected to the right by industrial black pipes that lead up to the suspended ceiling canopy. The canopy is crafted from wooden beams and a black rectangular panel that features suspended overhead lights.
Custom counters, dimensional signs & product shelving
20x20 island booth for a Canadian wind power company. A huge fabric halo sign is suspended from above in the shape of a square. Each rectangular panel that makes up the sign is 20ft in length by 6ft in height. The outside is white, and the inside is light blue. The front of the trade show booth features two long 6ft rectangular branded counters. Behind this is a beMatrix tower that shows colourful graphics, a tv monitor, and shelving. The entire booth space sits on top of grey rental carpet.
Custom island trade show booth with suspended fabric sign

key CUSTOM TRADE SHOW display features

outstanding materials

A custom trade show exhibit enables you to achieve the precise look you desire using high-quality builder-grade materials, unique inserts, or bold and colourful backdrops tailored specifically to your brand. Whether you’re a construction or fabrication business aiming to showcase your products throughout the display, or a creative agency seeking a striking appearance that grabs attention, we can customize your exhibit with the accents and hardware you require.

bold visual components

3D models, dimensional signage, video walls, branded backdrops, suspended 360-degree signs, and anything else you can imagine — all of these visual components contribute to telling the story of your brand. With a custom display, you have the opportunity to showcase your organization in a way that is as unique as your brand itself. Our design team ensures every visual detail adds to an immersive experience aligned with your objectives.

creative spaces

We design spaces that prioritize user experience. Need a private space to meet with clients and prospects? A fun and lively lounge area, or room to showcase and demo your products? We design layouts centred around your ideal clients and trade show goals, guiding visitors into a thoughtfully designed, inviting space. We achieve this through structural design with various heights and layouts, lighting, signage, materials, furniture, accents, accessories, and more.

built to your exact needs

Every build is executed with precision and dedication to your creative vision. Whether you need a lightweight structure or are seeking a robust display, complex exhibit components, or a modern seamless look, our fabrication team is commited to exceptional craftsmanship.

protective custom crates

As part of your custom display, we construct crates from scratch designed to efficiently organize and pack up your display, ensuring it remains protected during transportation. This extends the lifespan of your exhibit and ensures no space is wasted, allowing you to save on shipping and handling costs.


We can handle every detail as a full-service display company. From designing and building your display to shipping, installation, accessorizing, show services, dismantling, storage, and anything else you might need for your exhibitor experience. No detail is overlooked, and we’re happy to take care of all the complexities of trade show paperwork on your behalf.

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