Client FTP

How to set up your artwork files before transferring them to our team.

Ready to send over your graphics files after meeting with us about your project? Read through our requirements to keep your project on track and within budget. We also offer additional file optimization services if you need an extra hand with your graphics files.

Print production Pantone swatch colour matching in Calgary Alberta

What we require

pre-upload checklist

You’ve used an Exhibit Studio + Westwind Design template supplied by our team (PDF or Adobe Illustrator file)
Image files are embedded or linked in a separate folder
Text is outlined unless you expect to make any changes
Pantone colours have been specified with the swatches used in your file
Any layered Photoshop files we may need have been included
All rasterized images are set to 110 dpi at 100% full-scale
A flattened PDF or JPG proof of your artwork has been included for our reference

Supported Files & Transfers

Files types

.ai (with included font files)
.eps (text as outlines)
.psd (with included font files)
.tiff (fully flattened)


Uploads through our client WeTransfer site (up to 20GB)
Transfers from Hightail, Sendthisfile, Dropbox, and other file sharing platforms

Fonts, Colours & Images

Sending an editable file

Please ensure all fonts are outlined (unless you expect to make any changes)
Supply all font families used to ensure that there are no delays or issues with your text. When providing fonts, please make sure all weights (100, 200, thin, heavy, etc.) or styles (regular, bold, italicized, etc.) are provided
If the text used is from a Typekit, please specify the name, weight and style (see above) used so we may upload this on our system

proper colour matching

We print in CMYK colour mode — please ensure that you design in the CMYK colour mode. Files that are received in RGB may slow down project times and incur additional costs.
Specify any Pantone colours that are used in the design
Provide us with your brand standards guide for a list of corporate colours
To guarantee your colour is matched as accurately as possible, please provide us with a print sample such as a business card, brochure or any printed marketing material

If supplying your own images

Please make sure they are at least 3MB in size
Your design file consists of the largest images sizes as possible
Provide the RAW file in addition to edited photos where necessary
Images are provided in CMYK colour
You provide us with the ID numbers of any stock photos that you intend for us to download

avoid the following file formats

skip delays caused by using these files

Adobe InDesign

Ready to upload

Phew, you made it through all those checklists! Now you are ready to use the Exhibit Studio + Westwind Design WeTransfer FTP to send us your trade show display design or other graphics files. Once we’ve received them, we’ll complete a full graphic check and send you a proof for review. If there are any concerns at all with the files, we will contact you before sending out your proof.

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