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Email Overload

When Amy asked me to write a blog post for this newsletter, I had several ideas. I was happy to contribute to our newsletter but kept finding myself short on time to actually sit down and start writing. Finally, after weeks of “gentle” reminders from Amy, I said okay, “At…

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Magnetic Graphics are Booming – Here’s Why.

There can be many benefits to using magnetic graphics in your trade show exhibits, retail displays, or in other ways you haven’t thought of yet. 1.) They are a great way to change your company’s message without having to reprint your entire display. 2.) Going this route is a huge…

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New Printer – New Capabilities

It’s officially happening, and it’s been a long time coming. After several months of research, attending webinars, and visiting all the different models we could in person, we are finally adding a flatbed printer to our team! So in a couple of weeks, we’ll have the new HP Latex R1000…

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Plan B- What To Do When Your Event is Cancelled?

Plan B- What To Do When Your Event is Cancelled? The event industry has been changing, and, oooh boy, have there been some growing pains. It’s been two years of primarily nonexistent in-person events, but we’ve all been learning to adapt to our current situation. The way you work might…

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Portable vs Modular – Which display style is right for you?

When clients consider which type of display suits their needs best, the discussion of portable vs. modular often comes up. The word “modular” is often used in the trade show industry, but many newbies don’t exactly understand what that means regarding an exhibit. There is often confusion about how these two types of displays…

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Graphic Design Trends 2021

I know I’m a little late to the 2021 trend party, but I would like to share a few of the graphic design trends I’ve taken notice of and enjoyed so far this year. Our visual culture is shaped by the things happening around us. Styles shift and change with…

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