Portable Outdoor Displays and Signage

While we’re loving the warm, sunny days of summer, we all know that the season never seems to last long in Canada *cue sad violin music*. That’s why it’s even more important to choose the right outdoor displays to make your brand stand out during the short summer season. Beyond branded event tents, there are plenty of creative display solutions that are easy to set up and dismantle. Whether you’re a farmer’s market vendor, or sponsoring an event with your name on it, there are many ways you can get the message across with portable outdoor displays and signage. 

Not only does having a tent with your branding stand out, but it also allows you to add half or full side or back walls — more space to get your message across. The standard size for an event tent is 10×10, with an adjustable height that extends up to just over 11 feet at its highest point. There are also 20×10 event tents and tents that have a domed canopy. Tents are an essential component if you are exhibiting at an outdoor event, offering protection from the elements with easy assembly and dismantling. They can even be used to expand your storefront in the summertime. 

We don’t promote shady business practices…. unless it’s display umbrellas. Not only are they functional, but offer another great way to show off your logo or message to tie in with your branding. If you aren’t utilizing a tent for your display, a little extra protection goes a long way for your staff working the display, as well as conversations with clients. Perfect for long and hot market days, restaurant patios, sporting events, and more. 

Flags are an easy way to attract attention to your location and brand. Outdoor display flags don’t rely on the wind in order to show off your logo or message; the hardware and shape ensure that the banner is always visible. There are many different types of flag displays, ranging from traditional rectangular banner shapes to teardrop and feather shapes, which are secured using stakes. Flags can be single or double-sided. Another option is a wind banner that can be adjusted to different heights, moves with the wind, and has a fillable base that can accommodate either sand or water for extra stability. 

Portable outdoor flags are an awesome way to add height to your displays, up to 18.5 feet! They are ideal for storefronts, concerts, festivals, or outdoor sporting events. 

If you’ve ever been slowly crawling through traffic in the city, chances are you’ve noticed vinyl banners on buildings, fences, storefronts, sports fields, overpasses or pedestrian bridges. They gain a lot of traffic (literally) to get your name out there or advertise your event. The standard outdoor vinyl banner is 8×4 feet but also comes in a wide range of sizes. Make sure to check your local city or county guidelines for banners over the roadway

Portable outdoor sign stands can be double or single-sided, and can be easily packed down and transported to events. Some have the option of adjustable height, allowing for custom graphic sizes. Outdoor banner stands can be anchored with stakes, or with bases that can be filled with water or sand, like some of the outdoor flag options. Adding an outdoor sign to your display gives your more real estate for further information on your business, like a mission statement, menu, product listings, and more! 

These outdoor displays can fold down flat for easy storage. Sandwich boards have a standard width of 2 feet, whereas the A-frame is longer at 7.5 feet. A stowaway display has the same look to it but is made from a lightweight and flexible material. These types of displays have a lower height than banner stands and are ideal for storefronts, walkways, roadside, or in front of displays with a large amount of height. 

Another great customizable extension of your outdoor display can be branded table covers. Outdoor covers can be draped or a stretch-fitted material for a sleeker look. Look for material that is liquid-repellent or waterproof, as well as wrinkle-resistant. Fabric table covers can range from cocktail table sizes to a length of 8 feet. A simple accessory that adds a professional, elevated look to your display. 

No matter your budget, portable outdoor displays and advertising signage is a great way to get seen and extend your brand presence. These portable components can be configured to give you 360-degree visibility and capture potential customers’ attention. 

And there you have it! There are plenty of options to choose from – when you are shopping for outdoor display solutions, make sure to keep these other considerations in mind: 

  • Is the material that the graphics are printed on UV protected to prevent sun damage? Is it water-resistant and fire-retardant?
  • Is the hardware (such as ground stakes) and carry bag included in the price?
  • Are there any kinds of warranties offered on the graphics and hardware?
  • Can the material colours be customized? 

All of these extras should be on your checklist when searching for the right outdoor displays to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product that will last for more than one season. Adding outdoor signage displays to your event, business, or advertising plan is an effective way to get noticed and increase ROI. Make the most of summer and get outside with your displays! 

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