GMC Pickup Giant Claw Machine Game

Since 2013, we’ve had the thrill of bringing GMC’s experiential activations to life at the Calgary Stampede. From creating a chuckwagon virtual reality exhibit to the award-winning ProShot game where contestants aimed a water gun at a target to lift a 7000-pound truck, we love wowing clients and crowds with big, bold, interactive displays. This year our team took on a new challenge: creating a larger-than-life claw machine game out of a GMC truck bed!

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Understanding Trade Show Booth Rental Spaces

Linear? Peninsula? Split Island? If you’re looking to exhibit at a trade show and have yet to learn what those terms mean, no sweat! We’re here to explain the most common types of exhibit rental spaces so that you can make sure your display design will have the most impact.

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Arc’teryx Custom 30 x 10 Booth

Arc’teryx is a Canadian high-performance outdoor apparel company founded in 1989. Throughout the year, they offer outdoor learning through workshops, seminars, and social events run by leaders in the field. We designed and built custom structures for the Arc’teryx Academy repair and resale station during their British Columbia events over the past year. 

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Laser Machine Design Capabilities

Ever wonder how the stainless steel engravings on your coffee tumbler are made? Or how perfectly shaped 3D lettering appears on your vehicle? Chances are it was made using a laser! In December we acquired a new flatbed laser and have been having fun exploring new projects with its versatile capabilities. If you’ve ever been

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Sagiper Custom 20 x 30 Exhibit Display

For over 27 years, Sagiper has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality building materials. Their contemporary residential and commercial product lines offer the look of natural wood and metallic aluminum finishes. Recently they launched a new Scandinavian product line with 4 new products. We designed and developed a custom island trade show display to showcase the product

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Calgary Humane Society’s Unique Donor Recognition

The Calgary Humane Society is an organization that can provide dogs, cats, rabbits, and even exotic animals with life-saving programs to be adopted and go to a loving home. They greatly impacted these animals finding homes since the year 1922 and continue to do so today. The Calgary Humane Society is a non-profit organization funded entirely by

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The Importance of Display Design Timelines

While we know it is possible to produce a fantastic show-stopping trade show display under tight timelines, we want to ensure that your project receives ample time and attention. Otherwise, it leaves little room for changes, costs more, creates a risk of errors or missed deadlines, and can create scheduling issues. Here are a few

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Ongoing Projects with AUArts

The Illingworth Kerr Gallery (IKG) at the Alberta University of the Arts is a world-class exhibition space and a platform for exploration and focuses on visual art and culture. The IKG is the longest-running international art program in Calgary and a crucial part of the city’s culture. For around six years now, we’ve printed and installed graphics for the

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