Alberta Small Brewers Magnetic Banner Stand

When you think of customizable, the thought of “large-scale” or “expensive” may come to mind. A customizable display however, can definitely work with portable hardware for ease of transportation and set up, while catering to specific client needs and shows. The non-for-profit, Alberta Small Brewers Association, was looking for a way they could bring word to Alberta’s craft beer brewers, depending on the event or trade show they were attending. With the growing list of small breweries and only so much space to highlight them, the idea of using magnetic banner stand material was perfect solution.

The decision to go with the magnetic route was determined by multiple factors in the initial planning process. The ability to easily transport all across the province and beyond, add or remove brewer’s magnets easily on the go, and easily print new magnets as needed are all what makes this project so fantastic – and the result looks outstanding.

It’s a sharp looking banner stand designed by our friends at Evans Hunt. When coupled with two 30″ wide banner stands on either side, you get a 10×10 display to functionally work with any space. What more can you ask for?

We were so excited to work on this project for Alberta Small Brewers’ Association and Evans Hunt! The customizable banner stand is a wonderful idea for any on-the-go company.

round magnets that have the name of various Alberta Breweries on each one, attached to a magnetic banner stand.
Magneticsthat can easily be adjusted for different events
triple magnetic banner stands for the Alberta Small Brewers Association. The middle panel shows an illustration of a brewery. Round magnets with the logo of each brewery can be rearranged on the middle panel. The right and left colours show bright images of an Albertan wheat field and a brewer.
Versatile magnetic banner stand display
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