Arc’teryx Custom 30 x 10 Booth

Arc’teryx is a Canadian high-performance outdoor apparel company founded in 1989. Throughout the year, they offer outdoor learning through workshops, seminars, and social events run by leaders in the field. We designed and built custom structures for the Arc’teryx Academy repair and resale station during their British Columbia events over the past year. 

Rather than tossing out your old or disrepaired outdoor attire, Arc’teryx offers repair and trade-in services that extend the life of their products and keeps them out of landfills. This division is known as Rebird, which takes various initiatives to repair, resell and upcycle gear. 

Back in February, we installed a custom 30 x 10 Rebird booth for the Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy event in Whistler. The booth was also featured at the academy event in 2022 at Squamish, which was a 20 x 10 outdoor structure. The most recent winter version included a 10 x 10 addition to the booth with a retail focus. A change room and mirror area were built as part of the extension, with two entrances for less congested traffic flow. More display built-ins were also constructed for additional space to showcase products. 

The goal of the project was to create a simple design focused on user experience, while utilizing recyclable materials. 39 hours of design work were executed for the Whistler edition, and the installation on-site took 13 hours. 

Other elements included in the build were custom shelving areas for the shoe displays, hanging racks, lighting, and storage drawers. The materials selected were intended to have a natural look-and-feel, but are also meant to be set up and taken down easily. The original structure for Squamish was outdoors, and the design and materials needed to be robust. Originally a rain-resistant roof was incorporated to protect the structure from any outdoor elements. 

The booth serves as a hub for those wanting to invest in new Arc’teryx gear, as well as anyone wanting to repair and refurbish their existing apparel. A service station integrated into the structure made it possible for employees to tailor products on-site. 

The company’s website states that “Sixty-five percent of the environmental impact of one of our jackets is caused by its creation, including the production of the raw materials and the making of the garment. The longer we can keep great gear in action, the more we spread the impact of its existence across time.”

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