Betach Solutions : A Branding Success

Betach Solutions is an IT company with offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, that offer cloud-based solutions for your business needs. They’ve recently moved buildings here in Calgary, and the location is beautifully partitioned into office spaces using Starwall West modular glass walls. Due to city code requirements, these glass walls needed some decals so that people could see the glass walls clearly and safely navigate around the office. While the initial reason for the decals was to serve a safety purpose, Betach Solutions took the opportunity to let their beautiful, vibrant branding illuminate the space around them.

Our print and production specialist, Tyler Fisher, and Co-Owner, Tracey Moore, went to Betach’s new home to measure the office windows and to provide print samples so that their team could decide what kind of material they wanted for their creation. Tyler then produced custom templates for them to put their design in. Betach’s designer Kendra created the graphics and returned the templates with the artwork in them, ready to go. They then chose to use an etched vinyl and clear frosted decal. The semi-transparent substrate allows light to shine through, illuminating the beautiful colours reflecting their company’s brand.

Then began the test printing process. Tyler went back and forth with the team at Betach to ensure that the materials were doing the correct job and that the colours were printing exactly as they needed them. After perfecting the colours, we put our in-house printers to work. Bleeds were applied to the files and then printed out with careful labeling to ensure they were installed in the correct spot later on. Everything was laminated, cut out, and carefully weeded to eliminate the material that was not part of the design. A pre-mask was then applied to the finished prints so that they could be easily transferred to the office walls. We added level lines to make installation a little more straightforward, and everything was packed and ready to be taken to the site.

On-site, our measurements turned into guidelines that helped us start the installation process but not entirely complete it. Tyler’s keen eyes were the final tool in getting the design to line up perfectly within the separate frames of the walls and blend one piece into another the whole way down the long hallway. After carefully lining up the artwork, we put a liquid on the glass walls where the decal was then applied. Excess water was squeegeed out, securing the frosted decal to the surface of the walls. The complex and unique installation took about a day and a half to perfect, and it turned out absolutely amazing.

In addition to the decals that span the entire office, we installed a 3D logo sign and wordle wall at the entrance and applied privacy film to the boardroom office and other dividing walls within the space. The 3D letters were cut out of an aluminum composite material on the Exhibit Studio CNC machine and then covered with decals.

This project was full of fun and challenges, and the team at Exhibit Studio got to put their problem-solving skills to good use. Betach’s office space is now uniquely tailored to them, and they have a branded environment that is appealing to its customers and employees alike.

Check out a video of our process here:

Branded environments communicate a multitude of things to many different people. They are not only important for the customers that walk through your door, but also for the employees that spend a lot of their time inside the office. Showing off your branding in an environment setting gives your company a cohesive and well-thought-out look that is sure to impress your visitors, and having a branded environment can reflect your company’s values and form a sense of community belonging for your employees.

If you’d like to talk to a sales representative about how we can help you brand your space, give us a call, and we’d be happy to chat with you about your project. 

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