Cadillac Xt4 Crossover Experience

Cadillac recently launched their new 2019 XT4 Crossover. With the enhanced performance of a new turbocharged engine, 9-speed automatic transmission, twin-clutch all wheel drive system and the capability of adapting to a range of road conditions. Features of the new XT4 include the hands free liftgate, full-colour projection windshield display and the rotary controller which means your drive will be as comfortable as possible however long the distance.

Isobar Canada wanted to engage the audience and capture the vehicle’s capabilities as an interactive, hands-on experience. The display was set up in Montreal and featured a tight fitting A/V back wall that played dynamic corresponding video to the steering wheel, a glossy reflective stage to withstand three full days, LED lined stairs and full graphic outer wall. The Exhibit Studio production team was able to build and mock-up the display within six days and had it shipped to Montreal in four.

immersive "U"-shaped video wall surrounding a new Cadillac model. The screen creates an immersive environment for visitors to be submersed in.
immersive vehicle display with a curved video monitor wall
marketing display for Cadillac inside a Montreal shopping mal. The vehicle sits on an elevated black oval platform, facing a curved video wall display with colourful graphics.
brand activation that elegantly showcases the product with technology
backside of the curved video monitor wall that seamlessly features a locking door that leads to internal storage. Branded graphics cover the entire display and wall.
Seamless storage room integration with vivid wall graphics
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