Canada Diagnostic Centres New Office Branding

Canada Diagnostic Centres¬†is a multi-modality diagnostic imaging provider that has multiple locations across Alberta. They use cutting-edge technology to help provide the very best care to their patients, and their professional branding communicates their core values to everyone who walks through the door. The number of clinics keeps expanding, and their continued growth spurt has been giving us ongoing work.¬†Signage projects abound with any new build, and as new buildings keep being added and protocols for health care delivery continue to change, CDC enlisted us to help. They need to communicate to their patrons where to go, brief them about the company, and inform them of the different spaces’ rules and regulations.

We’ve done multiple projects to help them improve their visitor experience. Canada Diagnostic Centres sees nearly 496,000 patients per year at sixteen different locations. With such high traffic volumes, wayfinding signage becomes very important. Exhibit Studio has printed and mounted identification, directional, informational, and regulatory signage for multiple locations. These include maps, office plaques, exit markers, facility signage, and outdoor vinyl banners.

One of Edmonton’s clinics required perforated window graphics for directional signage and to help block out the sun coming through the windows. Tyler was already in Edmonton visiting friends and went to survey the site. He took photos and measurements and then created templates for CDC’s designer. Once they had finalized their design, the graphics were printed, trimmed out, and shipped to Edmonton. Someone local completed the installation to help cut down on costs.

A brand new clinic here in Calgary also required our assistance hanging artwork to fill the empty walls. Our team went down and carefully measured and levelled all the artwork and installed it with precision. That and a few more little signs were the final touches on the brand new clinic. They opened their doors to the public very shortly after that.

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