ENA’s Custom Pop-Up Display

Our client, ENA Solutions, wanted to display their thermostats and show them off at their next trade show. The thermostats had to be in working order, which added an extra challenge. ENA’s tech is meant to work alongside an app, and the thermostats need to be plugged into a power source to demonstrate their capabilities.

The challenge to have them mounted to the display was a unique one. We designed and CNC cut out plates of ACP, drawing them up in illustrator and then sending them to be cut on the CNC. They were each built strictly for their need. The custom ACP plates were mounted behind the Pop-Up display using velcro, and then the little devices were positioned onto the front of the Pop-up and secured with screws. All the electrical bits stayed intact, hidden in the back, and ready to be plugged in. This sandwich mounting effect makes the devices tricky to get off the display, which means they’re more secure and less likely to be stolen. Being screwed directly into the ACP panel also ensures the strongest hold possible. These flat ACP plates deliver a sleeker effect than the bulky electrical boxes that usually live behind light switches and plug-ins.

Next up and noteworthy were their striking graphics that used bold colours and fresh graphic elements. Graphics are the most common way to customize a Pop-up. Every single one of these portable displays ends up being custom because of each company’s unique set of graphics that go with it. You can have a designer of your choosing create the graphics for your company, or you can always have our in-house designer create them for you. These full mural-style displays give you plenty of visual space to make your mark, draw in a crowd and give your brand some air time.

Lastly in this custom series is the mounted monitor. This does not come standard with a classic Pop-up but is one of those add ons that will allow you to change your messaging whenever needed, unlike the graphics on the backdrop that you’ll probably want to keep around for longer. This adds versatility and flexibility to your exhibit and can also draw an audience. 

So, know that whatever you dream up for a Pop-up customization, we will try our best to make it happen for you. These can get pretty creative at times, and that’s our favourite thing about them.

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