Eye Class Optometry Sneeze Guards

With everything that has happened in the last few months – the dreaded COVID word brings worry and frustration for both our health and our economies…business, as we know it at Exhibit Studio, has also changed for the short term. With no trade shows or events to keep us busy this spring, we had to adapt to find new ways to use the tools and equipment we have sitting waiting patiently to get going again.

When the talk of “Back to Business” in May started, the team felt that we could put our equipment that has been sitting dormant for April to good use and help other Businesses where we could. 

We knew that floor decals and signage to highlight social distancing measures would be a natural pivot for us with our in-house print department to ensure quick turn-around times. But, we also have a custom production shop with a workhorse CNC machine that allows us to provide even more safeguards to the businesses who can’t always keep the 6ft distance required for their transactions. Moving into sneeze guards, also called protective shields, would be easy for us to manufacture.

After researching how other Plexiglas and Lexan sneeze guards or protective shields looked, we felt we could create a better, cleaner design with a less intrusive installation. We started to design and prototype ways to make protective shields that were easy to pack, ship, install, and sturdy while keeping costs down by using thinner yet robust material. We chose to use Lexan for its durability and crack resistance when bent or drilled. That was important to our design as it needed to lock together without the need for mechanical fasteners. We were excited when the final prototype design was complete, and our tools and equipment have been busy ever since building sneeze guards for a variety of businesses.

Eye Class Optometry approached us with requirements to create custom-sized protective shields not only for their reception area but also for their exam rooms. Performing eye exams requires Optometrists and clinicians to be close to the patient. Faced with the requirement for additional cleaning of all their equipment, they also needed the means to create further separation between the staff and the clients.

Our standard sneeze guards allow for a simple self-installation, but for Eye Class Optometry, the guards required a custom fit. We custom-built their shields to ensure that the equipment could move freely to suit different heights and needs throughout an eye exam while maintaining a safe, comfortable working environment for both the optometrist and the patient. The size of the custom shields required our team to install them. Our installer was in and out in the blink of an eye, with minimal interruption, which permitted the Eye Class team to continue working.

The sharp design and discreet appearance of the shields mean that the Eye Class office aesthetic is maintained, and everyone is left feeling confident that the team is making every effort to keep their clientele safe.

Have a look at the video of our CNC in action and our final product photos.

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