GMC Whistler Ski Hill Race Hut Revamp

Sometimes we are taken outside of our front door and asked to build exhibits or add on to existing with a limited amount of time. Momentum Worldwide came to us and asked if we could help create new graphics for the Whistler Blackcomb, GMC Race Center Huts. They wanted the new look to reflect the GMC Denali by incorporating metal textures, sleek black material and the essence of GMC’s brand. It was our job to make that vision come to life in a matter of months before the snow fell in the mountains. 

Just in time for the season opening, Whistler Blackcomb got a new face lift for one of their most popular runs. We were ecstatic to take on this adventure project with the Momentum team, to help bring a fresh look to the mountains. Needing to withstand all elements the back country has to offer, we put our minds together to make sure that it could. A new skin on the huts, logo’d windows, 3D cut logo signage all brought this project to life! 

branded ski race hut at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in British Columbia, Canada. The exterior includes black graphics and colourful red GMC logo, along with branded snow fence signage and a digital timer display.
Custom branded ski race hut at Whistler Blackcomb resort
dimensional sign and 3D lettering for GMC at the front of the hut above the entrance, along with textured tread-like wall cladding
Dimensional signage and graphics with a textured look
construction of a branded exterior ski race hut on the side of the Whistler mountain. The walled tructure with an A-frame style roof is about 10 feet long and 8 feet wide. A single window and door are on the left side of the display, while the front features a larger window next to a dimensional branded sign.
graphics installation on the ski hut exterior
inflatable snowman outside of a branded ski hut for a Canadian ski race in Whistler
A friendly face at the hut on race day
ski race event at Whistler blackcomb, featuring a custom branded ski hut for one of the event's sponsors.
Branded environment for the ski race event
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