Indaba Trading’s 80’ x 20’ Display

We get excited when a proposal for an intricate custom build comes across our desks. So imagine our delight when we got the pitch for Indaba Trading’s tradeshow display! They are a prominent home and lifestyle brand known for their eclectic, handmade style, and they needed a booth space where they could showcase their home decor products.

A display that looked fabulous, but that also let their products speak for themselves.It would need to uniquely embody their brand aesthetic while also being capable of packing up efficiently into shipping crates after each show.

The main eye-catching build in this project is the custom reception counter where attendees purchase their Indaba products. Its unique three-dimensional branding, gorgeous overhead lighting, and brushed wood grain pergola add an elegant touch above the counter. Cleverly though, the overhead pergola posts aren’t actually natural wood. Instead, we created them from direct printed Dibond aluminum sheets. Then, we cut and folded this printed material to make a convincing wood pergola far more lightweight than the real thing. Perfect for moving from place to place!

The reception counter also has a Corian countertop that compliments the wood grain laminate mounted on the front of the desk. In addition, we installed built-in drawers at the back of the desk for storage, and the beautifully lit CNC cut logo sign is the stylish cherry on top.

Next up, Indaba needed free-standing shelves to act as the “walls” of the display and to provide retail space at their shows, so we constructed four shelving units to stand behind the main front desk area. All the shelving components are assembled with MDF board and painted in classic white for a minimal, traditional feel. On top of each shelving unit are the same Dibond pergolas and overhead lighting displayed above the front desk. Black Sintra panels printed with the Indaba logo were then mounted onto the sides of the pergolas. Lastly, we installed small ladders on one side of each shelf to hang and organize decorative ornaments.

Our production manager Mike flew to Toronto and assisted in setting up the display for the first time in the Gift & Home Show at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Everything can be deconstructed and stored away in custom-built crates explicitly made for this display. All of the project elements came together so beautifully and fit well with Indaba’s needs for each show they plan to attend in the future.

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