Isomass Scientific Rock Crusher

Isomass Scientific came to us seeking some advice and help for an upcoming show:

Can you recreate a piece of equipment that weighs thousands of pounds, makes noises and crushes rocks using standard trade show materials?

The client described the machine as the SELFRAG LAB high voltage pulse fragmentation system suitable – efficient for mineral separation from crystalline rocks for low-temperature thermochronology and fission track analysis. It is the first commercial High Voltage pulsed power laboratory equipment for selective fragmentation and is hosted at the University of Alberta. It is an exceptional piece of technology, and Isomass Scientific was eager to continue showcasing this technology to markets worldwide.

It weighs 2250 kg. Having shipped the equipment to trade shows for a while, it had become costly to move from event to event, so Isomass asked us to come up with a modular display solution to reconstruct this cylindrical instrument so that it was portable and easy to set up.

We worked with a few mockups working to bring their ideas to life. First, we thought of using a Pop-Up Tower display. It is portable, lightweight, and easy to ship out and uses the same material our standard Pop-Up displays have, including magnets and stiffeners. However, the look wasn’t exactly what they intended; they hoped for something a bit more robust and authentic.

After a few more alternatives were contemplated, including a portable fabric cylinder tower, our team and the team at Isomass Scientific decided on an Octanorm solution. Using curved hardware gives the display a cylindrical shape, with the ability to include curved hinged doors. The doors would hide the machine’s recorded sounds but could be opened for prospects to see the result inside – pre-crushed rock.

We printed their graphics on a brushed chrome vinyl, finished with a glossy laminate. Overall, it looked almost like the real deal. Added textures included perforated metal and printed brushed aluminum.

The result was a unique piece that allowed the client to showcase their machinery without the dreadful shipping costs. The replicate is quieter than the real thing enabling their trade show neighbours and guests to revel in the technology while still conversing at an average volume. Have a quick look at some images of the display we created and the actual technology below!

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