Ongoing Projects with AUArts

The Illingworth Kerr Gallery (IKG) at the Alberta University of the Arts is a world-class exhibition space and a platform for exploration and focuses on visual art and culture. The IKG is the longest-running international art program in Calgary and a crucial part of the city’s culture. For around six years now, we’ve printed and installed graphics for the gallery for most of its exhibitions.

When we started working with IKG, they were looking for a trusted partner to provide them with stunning, high-quality removable graphics that fit within their budget and withstand the demands of short deadlines and high expectations. They had the issue before working with us of having to install most of the graphics independently. The gallery team had to be more moderate with their designs as they struggled with tricky installations. Once we started working with them, we could print and install graphics for most of their events, which benefitted them greatly.

Tyler has been their main helping hand in producing their prints and graphics since the start of our relationship with IKG. He has installed everything from lengthy text didactics and lettering to large-format graphics. It is now to the point where it’s muscle memory when it comes to printing and installing their projects since he’s done it so often throughout the years. The wall noodle material he uses is the most effective, as it helps with easy installation and removal of complex designs. IKG can easily and quickly remove all the graphics without needing our assistance. The material also allows it to be removed without damaging or ripping paint underneath. Even some of their favourite graphics they can keep and put into other spaces as the material often can still be re-applied onto another surface.

Each one of the gallery’s designs portrays such beautiful artistic and bold creative ways of showcasing each exhibit that we love printing, capturing and seeing them come to life. Over the years, working with IKG at AuArts has allowed us to support their beautiful exhibitions and show off what our print and graphic installation team can do at Exhibit Studio. If you get the chance, check out the Illingworth Kerr Gallery’s ongoing exhibitions at the Alberta University of the Arts.

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