Ply gem Canada’s Custom 40×40 exhibit

Ply Gem has a variety of products they carry from home builders to contractors, including windows, siding and doors. Rather than showcasing their product inventory on flat graphics or product shelving, Ply Gem Canada, has been using our help year after year to build them life-size pieces for show goers. 

Their booth offers creativity and innovation, as potential clients can touch and feel the materials right there as they speak with a representative. Windows are able to be opened, siding is able to be felt – their entire booth is interactive. With the addition of Mitten building products, more materials can be showcased depending on the show they’re attending. 

With each piece being compact and small, their booth can be scaled from a 50 x 50 booth space down to a 30 x 30. 

Have a look at some of their highlight pieces from WRLA

Custom trade show exhibit with freestanding walls showcasing exterior building products such as siding, as well as windows and doors. A cylinder-shaped overhead handing sign is lit up to showcase the Mitten & Plygem logo. The open-concept booth features bar stool seating in the middle, overhead singage and lighting on the freestanding wall displays, and rental carpet. This booth was featured at the WRLA trade show.
Custom open-concept island trade show exhibit at WRLA 2020
freestanding corner wall display that showcases paned windows and door. The exterior on one side is a grey siding with stone base. The rest is painted beige, and features overhead track lighting and dimensional logo signage. To the right is a freestanding retail display featuring another window product.
Freestanding wall displays that feature windows & door products
close up of a freestanding wall display on the corner of a trade show booth. A window is showcased with stained brown accents, with red siding panels at the top, and grey siding below.
Each exhibit piece features high-end features & products
custom-built cherry wood island with multiple storage drawers. A BeMatrix wall enclosure surrounds the island, featuring product sample displays and graphics that render each product. Rental literature racks are also featured.
Custom counter with storage with branded product walls
custom-built freestanding window display with a mounted graphic and finish samples
Custom window product stand with graphics & samples
meeting area in front of a branded wall that still allows visitors to walk through the rest of the booth freely
Branded graphics create an immersive meeting area
close up of a seating area within the trade show booth, featuring high-top white tables and bar stools.
Casual meeting space with comfortable rental furniture
overhead view of the entire 50x50 trade show exhibit at WRLA. This island booth features a rigged hanging fabric sign, freestanding product displays, and a backdrop wall.
50×50 trade show booth version featured in 2019
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