Pursuit Office Graphics | Branded Environment

If you’ve ever explored the Canadian Rockies, chances are you’ve heard of Pursuit. From offering unique tours and attractions to accommodation and dining, Pursuit offers a collection of experiences designed to inspire and invigorate. Outside of the Rockies, they offer experiences across North America and have also begun to branch out worldwide.

Recently Pursuit approached us to produce and install branded graphics for their new downtown Calgary location. The designs were produced by Zeidler and were formatted for large-scale printing on vinyl materials.

The Calgary office is a new location for the Pursuit sales and marketing teams. The space was given a substantial interior overhaul, and the team wanted the walls to tell the story of Pursuit. From Alaska to Iceland and many other places in between, the goal was to represent the close ties to the various mountain landscapes that so many of the Pursuit experiences call home. 

One of the components of this project was to produce and install two large full-wall murals extending into office areas. The images are of two of the most iconic destinations for Pursuit: Denali National Park and Maligne Lake, in Jasper National Park. The artwork has a modern style that uses cool, earthy tones capturing the calming and inspiring essence of the Rocky Mountains. We love how the murals create cohesion across the different rooms, flowing from one area to the next. It also creates a welcome pop of colour against the neutral walls, ceiling, and floors. 

Another unique element in the office is the topographic vinyl strips that stretch across the glass walls and doors. The vinyl film is a silver etched band that resembles mountain features on a map. These interesting graphics offer partial privacy as anyone walks past, while still keeping the office feeling open and airy. 

The office also contains uniquely shaped windows that separate some of the offices and boardrooms. These larger windows were fitted with taller strips of frosted window decals to offer extended privacy between spaces. 

We love the flow of lines and organic colours that tie Pursuit’s office together to create a mountain-themed space that is comfortable and welcoming for clients and employees. 

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