The Alphabet Game

We were singing the ABC’s in our office when this project entered our world. It isn’t our usual type of work and were surprised to get the call, but is anything we do anymore at Exhibit Studio a traditional Trade Show display related request? Nope, with a CNC machine and complete custom fabrication shop in house there is not a lot we can’t do here. Have an idea? No problem, of course we can build that!

When the Edmonton Public Library asked us for some help with their vision to create large wooden ABC’s for young pre-school aged children to interact and learn with, we said sure no problem! They wanted to produce multiple sets of large wooden block letters about 1 foot tall to represent the letters A to Z. They needed them to withstand not only the test of time, but LOTS of young children playing with them, dropping them, chewing on them… you get the picture? DURABILITY was the key word we had to keep in mind. 

We wanted to make sure we used a strong material that would last for a long time with a durable finish and would be kid proof! In the end, we chose to use a 1″ thick Baltic Birch with a clear coat finish to show the beauty of the birch and the interesting layers on the exposed edges. Luckily with the help of our CNC machine we made quick work of A to Z and the results were perfect. We were a little worried that David and Kelly might miss a letter or two but it turned out they really did know their ABC’s!

We were so excited when the Edmonton Public Library sent us a video of the letter “M” in action at one of their “EPL from Home” events! Check it out below.

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