Village Honda Tire Wall

We have had the opportunity to work with many parts and service departments at some of our local automotive dealerships. We have installed many permanent displays to showcase the tires they sell, their after-market add-ons, and their accessories. Typically we install Gridwall panels into a modular aluminum extrusion so that they can hang their products. The extrusion allows us to add graphic panels, install shelves and other accessories on the extrusion, and connect sections together. For this particular project in Village Honda‚Äôs service department, we got to be a bit more creative. They needed an attention grabber for the customers driving into the service bay. The challenge: they wanted to showcase their summer, winter, and all-season tires in conjunction with their low, middle and upper price points to show clients the difference between them all. Village Honda also wanted to mount the tires with the rims so they could promote those as well.

This project was one of the first times we took Octanorm off the trade show floor and used it in a retail setting. We could have built a custom piece for this space, but using Octanorm gave Village Honda the flexibility to make easy graphic and layout changes.

Mounting the tires with the rims attached created our most considerable challenge as we had to make a custom bracket that worked with our system. We welded a threaded wheel stud to work with any rim, style, and size. It also had to be able to handle the weight of the rim and tire.

To finish off the display, we printed a sizeable visual backdrop of an open road on an Albertan highway. We intended that the graphic create an emotional connection with the customers, reminding them that the right tires are an essential part of their vehicle no matter where their travel takes them.

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