Alfagomma’s custom modular 10×20 exhibit

What makes a booth stand out at a show? Is it the hardware, booth design, or company services? Perhaps a combination of these can hinder a good looking trade show display. For ALFAGOMMA’s 10×20 rental display, it was just that to make them stand out. The back wall and frame structure itself is surprisingly made up of modular Octawall panels for easier setup. With a combination of custom items such as an overhung roof, pot lighting, 3D logo, and 3D standoff walls, ALFAGOMMA’s booth sure made an impact on the show floor. We also snuck in a hidden storage space for extra pamphlets and personal items!

The bold company red adds a punch to the contrast of the show floor and black draping. The simplicity of the graphics allows the products and demo station to work with the look of the display, instead of clashing against it.
We loved this booth and the details it contains. Have a look below at some of their highlight pictures from the 2019 Global Petroleum Show.

10x20 custom modular trade show display for a hydraulic hose manufacturer. The back wall is white with a monitor in the centre, and includes graphics highlighting their products. The left side of the display and top overhead panel is red, and has red 3D lettering with the company's name up top. At the front of the display is a custom glass counter with their logo in red, supported by white side pieces. To the right is a freestanding OctaWall product display, and on the left is a rental literature rack.
10×20 modular booth with custom features and displays
photo on a left angle of the 20x20 trade show display. underneath of the extended red pillars is a branded wall graphic, which serves as a door leading to a storage room. A small box-shaped branded counter showcases products, with a seating area in the middle of the open-concept booth.
Door on the left of the red pillars is a lockable storage room
right side of the 10x20 modular booth which features a freestanding rectangular product display. A white thick frame 4ft wide by 8ft tall showcases 10 different hoses help up by horizontal rods running through them. A glass case on the right of the dispay showcases a large black coiled hose about 1ft in width and 5 feet tall. Next to the enclosed glass case is a freestanding graphic panel outlining product specs and details.
Freestanding OctaWall product display and glass product case
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