Polaron Solartech 20×20 octanorm display

The 2019 Solar Canada Show was our second year working with the team at Polaron Solartech and their booth was even bigger and better! Their 20′ x 20′ island rental booth consisted of a reception area, meeting area, backlit fabric hanging sign and backlit blue plexiglas roofing. Polaron’s main focus for the booth was their equipment they featured in the centre and on either ends of the plexiglas roof towers.

For this project, we needed to be creative and think on our feet to find a solution to mount Polaron’s custom solar panels and demo units. Some of the equipment and hardware wasn’t received until the morning of the installation due to high product demand. Our installation team rigged together different hardware options that could withstand the 60+ lbs weight. It was a success and the unique installation method went off without a hitch.

We also pride ourselves with the in-house printed backlit hanging halo fabric graphic. It was definitely noticeable from far away on the show floor.

modular trade show canopy at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta. a 16-foot rectangular arch stands tall for a Canadian solar company. Suspended from the top is a hanging sign with the company same, and the logo illuminated with LED lighting. Below this feature is 2 graphics panels and solar panel products that take up the width of the arch. A tv monitor is mounted to the middle graphics panel. In front of this display is a seating area with two white couches and a coffee table, along with a rental literature rack.
Modular archway that features solar and graphics panels
20x20 modular trade show display for a solar company. A blue arch-like structure stands 16- tall, with the lit company sign suspending from the ceiling arch. Below it another ceiling canopy frame extends out towards the front of the booth, with a product graphics panel in front. The very front of the booth has a reception desk with two bar stools. Solar panels are on display within the archway feature.
20×20 modular canopy trade show display with backlighting
Custom hanging backlit fabric sign for a solar company in Calgary during a trade show event.
Custom backlit fabric sign rigged from the canopy
custom modular display structures that hold up solar panels and create a partition
Customized solar panel wall displays
Meeting area with white rental chairs and table underneath of an LED-lit canopy panel.
Custom backlit LED canopy panel overtop of a meeting space
20x20 freestanding modular trade show display composed of narrow 16-ft wall panels, overhead "ceiling" panels, hanging signage, and LED ceiling panels. Rental furniture is on each side of the display.
open-concept display with custom lighting & graphics panels
Custom plexiglass shelving in the companys brand colours built into the trade show display.
built-in custom shelving in the company’s brand colours
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