Westjet Phone Booth – London’s Calling

Following the launch of WestJet’s new 787-9 Dreamliner service between Calgary and London starting this November, WestJet needed to bring attention to their new service – in extravagant WestJet fashion. The marketing team at WestJet created a unique scenario for a handful of lucky Calgarians to win a trip to London. Out of thousands who walked past the ringing phone booth, only 10 answered the call to win. The prize? Two round-trip tickets to London, Gatwick.

WestJet wanted an authentic English K6 phone booth to bring attention to the streets of Calgary. To add even more attention, we painted the entire phone booth WestJet teal – which was sure a sight to see!

Exhibit Studio was part of the project right from the beginning and straight to the end. We rendered out concepts of the phone booth, ordered in a real phone booth from England, installed and tested the audio and for the phone and ringer. In a short matter of three months, the project went live May 7th, 2019 downtown Calgary at three different locations. Have a look at some highlights from the event and watch the video

a teal-coloured branded phone booth for Westjet set up in Downtown Calgary.
Experiential marketing activation in downtown Calgary
red phone booth frame being delivered by truck to our shop in Calgary for custom fabrication adjustments
The booth frame prior to custom fabrication adjustments
delivering a branded phone booth for a marketing activation. This had to be moved with a large flatbed truck and crane due to its weight.
Branded booth delivery to its downtown location
a man inside of a phone booth answering the call to win free flights for an experiential marketing activation
Answer the call to win free flights to London!
free flight voucher to London, United Kingdom printed from  the phone booth
Winners received a printed voucher from the booth on-site
Winner of a free flight voucher to London smiling and holding up their voucher in front of a custom-fabricated branded phone booth in Calgary, Alberta
Excited winner during this fun & unique marketing activation
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