Highlighted Project: GMc rangeland derby vr

At Exhibit Studio, we often find ourselves working on really cool display projects. This project took place at the 2017 Calgary Stampede for GMC Canada. Working with Momentum Worldwide, we were tasked to combine virtual reality with the traditional Calgary Stampede fan favorite sport of chuckwagon racing.

GMC Canada wanted to use GMC Sierra horsepower to tow the players along the course. Using reigns attached to virtual reality controllers, a bouncing chuckwagon seat and VR, players were sure to get a real Stampede experience like no other.

We loved being a part of this project, from initial meetings, the fabrication process of building chuckwagons (how cool is that), printing bright & bold graphics to highlight the GMC brand and testing out the game! Who knew riding around a racetrack would make you so dizzy?! Check it out for yourself here.

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