Highlighted project: westjet airplane race | Calgary Stampede

At Exhibit Studio, we often are approached from clients who have amazing, fun ideas that really make us think outside the traditional trade show box. Two months prior to the 2017 Calgary Stampede, WestJet came to us with a great one! They wanted to re-create the age old, horse racing, ball throwing carnival game we have all played as young ones desperate to win that coveted stuffed toy!

This time there would be a twist… take away the horses and add airplanes instead! Coupled with music, flashing lights, and the chance to win WestJet flights around the world –  this would be the best carnival game at the Calgary Stampede! We were totally onboard and excited to bring their vision to life but we had to work fast. We searched high and low until we found a lonely, forgotten, unloved carnival trailer in Burlington, Michigan. By the time this trailer travelled to it’s new home in Calgary, AB we only had six weeks to revamp this old midway legend and bring WestJet flying into the Greatest Show on Earth in style.

We loved working on this project and with the WestJet team to take on our first midway trailer. Bold colours, engaging graphics, music and alternating lights brought to life for 10 incredible days at the Calgary Stampede. The final result was amazing. You could see the bright WestJet logo colors from across the midway.

The ride was lined up all day with people waiting to have their chance the play the most popular midway game at the Calgary Stamped. The audience watched and cheered as contestants raced 14 mini airplanes across the track to win WestJet branded prizes and the coveted grand prize plane ticket awarded daily.

Take a peek at the WestJet Destination Derby Stampede video on our Youtube channel! 

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