Sagiper North America 10×20 Modular display

From custom to portable, we love it all! Sagiper’s modular display was a fantastic project which incorporated Octanorm hardware with the custom add-ons.

We worked with Sagiper North America to create an exhibit space that showcased their products. We tied in their colourful branding with bold graphics, lighting features, and dimensional logos.

Sagiper is a modular system and a project we know and love here at Exhibit Studio. With its ability to be versatile from show to show, this display can be flipped and reconfigurated depending on its space. Check out how they used Octanorm for their design!

Bright and modern 10x20 corner booth for Sagiper building products. The right side of the booth is enclosed with a wooden ceiling canopy and wall illuminated by rectangular LED-lit panels. The company's 3D logo crafted from acrylic is mounted to the outer wall. On the inside of this area is an Octanorm counter. The inner walls feature graphics outlining their products, along with samples. On the left open side of the exhibit is a feature wall with grey and oak-coloured rectangular wall cladding. A tv is mounted to the wall in the middle, and the area features seating and a coffee table. The left side of the booth has a 2 ft wall panel cap that is also illuminated with an LED light panel. The entire area of the trade show booth also features sleek and seamless grey flooring.
Custom product-mounted walls, LED strip lighting & 3D logos
custom backlit 10x20 trade show booth display in Vancouver. The corner panels of the walls and ceilings have LED strip lighting. Half the booth is covered by a canopy, where the interior walls host products and a branded counter.
illuminated product graphics and branded counter
10x20 rendering of the space used in an updated 2019 design. The wall space below the monitor features more exterior building product samples and various 3D renderings of their products on the interior wall graphics.
2019 version of the booth with updated graphics & samples
Branded indigenous office space out of Edmonton Alberta. 3D dimensional lettering is shown against a rustic wood panelled wall, with a colourful logo on the left. The inset photo on the left showcases a floor to ceiling vinyl wall mural that depicts a teepee and Elder vision statements for the community.
Warm, colourful vinyl wall graphics & dimensional signage
Branded office environment for a show home in Calgary, Alberta. The interior space includes a custom counter, vinyl wall graphic mural, and modular panels showing a range of photographs and information. The inset photo on the left shows a large 3D "B" that stands about 5 feet high behind glass panels. The glass panels have outdoor vinyl decals that spell out the name of the developer.
Branded indoor & outdoor show home space in Calgary
Branded interior space that showcases a Calgary neighbourhood in a real estate development office. The back wall includes wood panelling and dimensional neighbourhood layouts, along with full vinyl wall graphics. In the front is a comfortable seating area bench placed in front of another branded vinyl wall decal.
Branded interior for a Calgary real estate developer centre
Branded interior for a restaurant in downtown Calgary. Three large photographs are shown on a dimensional ACM panel. The left inset image shows a wooden sign suspended above a doorway with the restaurant name engraved.
Scenic branded wall panels & signage for a YYC restaurant
A branded office design for a company in downtown Calgary. A room of desks is shown behind glass wall panels and doors, which have hexagonal vinyl graphic decals running across the entire top length of the walls. The inset photo on the left shows dimensional acrylic lettering for the company's name in the reception area.
glass vinyl wall decals & dimensional signage for an office
branded office space with full glass vinyl decals in Calgary alberta. The decals create a full mural of an Albertan oil and gas worksite. Placed in front is a comfortable barstool seating area.
Vinyl glass wall decals that enhances office privacy
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