What are the Five W’s of Banner Stands?

Banner stands are everywhere but you might not know what you are looking at. You see them at trade shows, retail stores and even on the side of the road. Do you want to know what they are? Who has a need for them? Why, when and where you should be using them? Keep reading to find out!

a row of 6 retractable banner stands that showcase one image of Banff National Park.
Series of different kinds of portable banner stands in Calgary, Alberta.
extra wide 4ft banner stand and X-stand banner stand. Portable and made in Calgary, Alberta.

WHAT is a Banner Stand?

A banner is stretched between a base & a top rail & supported by a pole located behind the banner. Stands come in a range of sizes from two feet to five feet wide & can be modified to a variety of heights.

The most popular banner stand has a spring loaded base that allows the graphic to retract into it for safe storage. Hence a common description – retractable banner stand.

There are other systems that do not retract and while there is a small cost savings it is not enough to offset the negatives of having to assemble them and the possibility of damaging the graphic, which is separate from the hardware and has to be manually attached.

If you do see a substantial difference in price from one vendor to another it is invariably due to differences in the graphic quality. At Exhibit Studio, we use only premium print graphic materials that are laminated for durability and are guaranteed for life against fading.

WHY do people like Banner Stands?

A retractable banner stand sets up in under a minute.

With the average banner stand weighing in at approximately 12lbs, they are light weight. Bannerstands are the easiest display there is to transport in the back of your car or take on a plane as checked baggage.

The ability to combine units for a trade show back wall or just grab a single unit for a sales presentation makes the banner stand both a versatile and inexpensive portable display solution.

WHO has a need for Banner Stands?

Clients that love banner stand displays include:

  • Major corporations
  • Government institutions
  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • First Nations groups
  • Clubs & associations

And, pretty much small businesses of every kind. Getting the hint yet?

The reality is, that given the right need a banner stand display can work for everyone. At Exhibit Studio, we work to understand a client’s exact requirements before recommending a particular display solution.

Finally, WHEN and WHERE should you use a Banner Stand?

In the trade show environment we see lots of banner stands – three sitting side by side to create a 10 foot wide back wall. They are also used in larger exhibit as a single unit to bring attention to a particular product or service.

Outside of the trade show environment the banner stand display finds many every day uses often for branding and way finding. Use them at:

  • Annual general meetings
  • Training sessions and seminars
  • Public information meetings
  • Sporting events and golf tournaments
  • Office lobbies and boardrooms

Now, we understand the appeal of a portable display that can be carried under your arm and set up in minutes. Not to mention, at the end of the show you can be the first out of the room! However, we think that you may need to re-evaluate, if convenience becomes the main motivator in your display selection.

Your corporate image should always be your primary concern. At Exhibit Studio, our team will help you focus in on a results driven image for your organization.

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