What the heck are Pop-up Displays and why do I need one?

If you have ever wandered around a trade show then you have most likely seen a Pop-Up display, but if haven’t attended a trade show as an exhibitor you might not have known what you were looking at. Now here you are about to attend a trade show as an exhibitor and it suddenly matters a little more to you… 


pop-up display has a collapsible frame that when extended creates a curved or straight back wall either 8 or 10 feet wide and 90 inches high. Magnetic bars are attached to this frame and then five or six graphic panels are attached to create a seamless image.

We sell the Pop Up display in a kit which includes a shipping case, two halogen spotlights and a laminate top for the shipping case, which, along with a graphic wrap, converts the case to a free standing podium.

At Exhibit Studio we specialize in customizing pop-up displays, creating unique systems for our clients. We can install monitors, add shelves or even a slatwall section if required. We customize full colour graphic panels so they can be backlit and print on materials that allow magnetic overlay panels for message changes. We create stand off magnet on graphics. For more information on this process check out our blog post about magnet on graphics. We also create three dimensional lettering that can be added for a special effect.

portable pop up display system with two magnetic banner stands, a display case which has been transformed into a podium with branded graphics, and a curved 8ft pop-up wall that uses magnetic bars and graphic panels for assembly

Now that you know what a Pop Up display is you need to understand WHY the Pop Up display is one of the most popular systems in our industry.

For over 30 years, the small 8ft and 10ft Pop-Up display has been the most popular trade show display in our industry. In the early years the panels consisted of a velcro compatible fabric, to which individual graphic panels were attached. Today, this is still available, but most clients prefer the uninterrupted presentation that full mural graphic panels create.

A Pop Up display can be set up by one person in less than 15 minutes and weighs under 80 lbs. It ships easily in any SUV, in most trunks, and on some airlines it will travel as an oversized second bag and it is commonly shipped with couriers. 

Curved Serpentine pop up display adjacent to a 20' straight backdrop wall. The back pop-up wall has built-in shelves against a colourful geometric graphics.

The Pop Up display, despite its light-weight is remarkably durable. In the event that you do manage to damage the frame or magnetic bars, we offer a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty.

A Pop Up display is relatively inexpensive when compared to other exhibit solutions.


Clients who use our Pop Up displays include major corporations, government institutions, schools, First Nations groups, clubs and associations, and small businesses of every kind. The reality is, given the right need a pop-up display can work for everyone. At Exhibit Studio, we work to understand a client’s exact requirements before recommending a particular solution.


The Pop Up display is commonly used in 10 foot trade show displays, although we frequently design them for 20 foot and 30 foot wide back walls. If the client has concerns about shipping and setup costs we can use Pop Up displays in 20 by 20 foot layouts as well. We design the layout with the Pop Up displays in the centre as central and satellite towers, workstations or even an office area.

Outside of the trade show environment the Pop Up display finds every day uses – annual general meetings, training sessions, public information meetings, sporting events, seminars, office lobbies, boardrooms and many other situations where your image and message can be reinforced.

The pop up display has been the most popular portable display in the market for over 30 years. It is the work horse of our industry that keeps sticking around throughout all of the new exhibiting trends we see crop up every year. Pop Up displays still hold their own in the market. 

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